11 inspiring quotes from leading creatives at Adobe Max 2014

Be inspired by the top 11 quotes from photographers, designers, illustrators and filmmakers at Adobe Max 2014.

Adobe Max 2014 saw the unveiling of a whole host of new features across both the desktop and mobile apps within Adobe's Creative Cloud. But in addition to that, the conference offers inspiration to its attendees in the form of talks from some of the world's leading illustrators, designers, photographers and filmmakers.

For a more detailed look at the messages put across by the Adobe Max speakers, check out our feature on how obstacles, risks and occasional suffering can unlock creativity, but for a quick inspiration hit, we've picked out 11 of our favourite quotes from speakers including Ami Vitale, James White, James Victore and more.

"Tunnel vision can kill creativity."

Ami Vitale, photographer

"The most powerful stories are the stories that unite us rather than simply divide us. This is what motivates people to action."

Ami Vitale, photographer

"Do the work that you love, do the work that you believe in. You never know when that next thing is going to let you shine."

Lee Hirsch, filmmaker

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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Trina Cintron, designer

"Good work is a compromise but great is what you have to aspire to."

Stephen Gates, designer

Image credit: Vimeo

"You never know where your work will end up if you don't do it and just put it out there. Just give it a shot."

James White, illustrator

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"Never overlook a silly idea."

James White, illustrator

Image credit: Signalnoise.com

"If you get a little bit of creative freedom, charge at it as hard as you can."

James White, illustrator

"Don't be a dick."

James White, illustrator

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"You have a little light inside you – you have to put it in your fucking work."

James Victore, designer

"To work traditionally and to work digitally, there's not much of a difference, but if you can pull all of that together I think it can make much stronger work, and more powerful."

Jason Sieler, illustrator