Best stylus for Android: What's the best Android stylus for painting, sketching & drawing?

We pick seven of the best Android styluses for artists, including the Adonit Jot Dash and the Sensu Artist Brush.

Android tablets are growing in popularity, but peripherals and accessories to support them don't seem to be as commonplace as those designed to work with Apple's iOS devices. That's why we've put together a list of styli that are compatible with Android tablets, and are great tools for artists and designers who want to create digital artwork whilst on the move. 

There aren't as many options for Android as there are for iPad (such as those in our best styli for iPad round-up) but there are still some brilliant styli that should do the trick, particularly if you use them in conjunction with some of the best Android apps for designers or the best Android apps for artists. Just be warned: styluses can come with claims they work with 'some' Android tablets. Double check it's compatible with yours before buying. 

You won't find any styli for Android that include pressure sensitivity like the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus or Adobe's Ink and Slide, but popular styli from the likes of Adonit, Just Mobile, Sensu, Nomad, FiftyThree and LynkTec are all compatible with Android, so we'll talk you through our favourites here.

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Read on for our pick of the 5 best styli for Android.

This brilliant stylus is one of our favourites for Android. It features a Precision Disc on the tip that makes it super-accurate, but also comfortable and easy to use without worrying about scratching the screen of your tablet. That disc is also cushioned to make it feel more natural to use.

It's textured for a better grip and includes a carrying clip for keeping it safely stored in your pocket.

There's also the Jot Mini, which is simply the Jot Pro but smaller and slightly cheaper at under £15, so could be a good alternative.

Buy the Adonit Jot Pro on Amazon here or the Adonit Jot Mini here.

With an 8.5mm diameter and priced at around £30, Adonit’s Jot Dash takes a cut in both cost and size compared to the rest of the popular and well-built Jot range – which includes Jot Pro and Jot Mini.

Without Bluetooth - which enables pressure sensitivity and palm rejection - the Jot Dash is lower tech than other styluses for Android. But the lack of fiddly features means it works with any device or app. Plus, it turns on like a retractable ballpoint, which makes it feel more authentic: just press its end.

Its aluminium barrel comes in a pretty range of charcoal, silver, gold or rose gold. To charge, just slide a small frame, with a magnetic pen stand, into a USB port. It recharges in 45 minutes and its battery lasts for up to 14 hours. 

Buy the Adonit Jot Dash on Amazon.

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Another Android-compatible stylus you might like is the Just Mobile AluPen Digital, which has a tiny 1.8mm tip for greater accuracy without requiring a Bluetooth connection.

You'll need one AAA battery to activate the charge-amplified tip designed to help you draw accurate and precise lines.

The AluPen Digital will work with any app and there's no set-up or pairing involved, so you can simply twist the body of the stylus to reveal the nib and start drawing. Twist it again when you're finish to put the pen into sleep mode to preserve battery life.

Buy the AluPen Digital on Amazon here.

If you enjoy working with a paintbrush, you'll like the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus, which acts just like a traditional brush only without the mess.

This stylus has a brush top that has metallic particles embedded into its bristles to make it conductive, which means it doesn't require a Bluetooth connection (though this also means there's no pressure sensitivity).

And when you're not creating a digital painting, you can turn this stylus over to use the rubber-tipped stylus at the opposite end.

It's a great price, at £30 or if you're not bothered about the rubber-tipped end, from £12 for the Sensu Solo.

Buy the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus from Amazon here or the Sensu Solo from Amazon here.

Even though FiftyThree hasn't made its Pencil stylus fully compatible with Android, it's still an option if you're happy to use it without connecting it via Bluetooth.

On iPad, you'd be able to connect the Pencil to FiftyThree's Paper app for advanced features, but unfortunately that's not an option for Android yet. It's still a good stylus in terms of accuracy and comfort without the Bluetooth connection, but you'll have to keep in mind that palm rejection, erasing and the pressure sensitivity won't work.

Buy the FiftyThree Pencil from Amazon.

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The TruGlide Pro is slightly different to most styli in that it has a microfiber tip instead of rubber, helping it glide across the glass of your tablets screen, hence the name. It should help you produce smooth lines whilst drawing.

There is also an interchangeable Artist Paintbrish Tip, available which is sold separately but might be worth buying if you enjoy using a paintbrush to create your artwork.

This stylus is a bit light compared to some of the others listed here, which can take some getting used to, but for £17 it's not a bad deal.

Buy the LynkTec TruGlide Pro from Amazon.

As well as being among the cheaper of our recommendations at £23, the Nomad Mini 2 - another 2-in-1 brush and stylus - is also one of the smallest, weighing in at only 0.6oz. 

One end of the stylus has a soft, retractable brush – neatly keeping the brush tip protected - and the other has a rubber tip that can be unscrewed and replaced if needed. But the stylus’ weight is more balanced towards the brush side. Unfortunately, it feels top-heavy when using the rubber tip, but otherwise balances comfortably in your hand. 

For a cheap price, the stylus just makes life a bit easier: as well as slicing down the need for two styluses to one, the tip is narrower than some of its competitors, so it’s easy to see what you’re actually drawing. It also works on any device or app, as its simpler technology doesn’t require syncing.

Buy the Nomad Mini 2 Retractable Stylus on Amazon.