Adobe releases Lightroom 2 for Android with RAW shooting

Adobe's latest Lightroom Android release overtakes the iOS version.

Adobe gifted Android with Photoshop Lightroom only just over a year ago. Today brings its majorly refreshed second version, which now eclipses the iOS form with what Adobe calls ‘the world’s first end-to-end RAW mobile photography solution’.

Yes, that means you can capture DNG format RAW photos with the new in-app camera, hopefully allowing you to do more out of the studio and in the field. Along with the ability to capture in RAW come a host of post-processing tools. 

Adobe worked with photographer Colby Brown to test the product on his Nexus 6P and demonstrate the update's best features. 

Before you even press the shutter, built-in presents allow you to apply non-destructive looks to your shots.

Image: before preset (left); after (right)

As well as using the Dehaze tool to adjust haze, you can add colour cast to an image’s highlights and shadows with the Split Toning tool.

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Point mode in Curve tool gives total control over contrast, and the Target Adjustment Tool in the Colour/B&W editing panel gives on-image control.

Image: before Point mode in Curve tool (top); after (bottom) 

Other features include a star rating system for editing collections of shots, copy and paste tools between photos and one-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip for crafting video stories.

Adobe Lightroom is free to use, but some features – such as syncing photos across your devices - will require Creative Cloud.

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Hopefully, with the ability to capture in RAW and the range of post-processing tools therefore in reach, this is an app much more usable on the field than the previous Android version as it allows you to do more work within the app.

We’re crossing our fingers iOS will catch up soon.