10 brilliant visual ways to show curiosity – and inspire it

Want to make people curious about a brand? Then show it. Here are 10 great ways to intrigue.

People are naturally curious – but how best do you use photography in your work to represent that curiosity and desire to learn more? In this gallery, creative director and designer Dan Rubin has curated 10 photos from Adobe Stock’s huge collection of stock images that will intrigue people who see them, and draw them in.

Image: #60279628 by kichigin19. Dan says "Curiosity and cats are inexorably intertwined, and this shot illustrates the combination in a beautiful and elegant way."

Adobe Stock tips

If you're collaborating on a project, licensing images through Adobe Stock is a doddle. Your Libraries of comps and licenced images are available to anyone you've shared the Libraries with via Creative Cloud. And if you licence an image from within your Creative Cloud applications – whether InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects or Premiere Pro – it's immediately available to everyone else with that Library too.

Image: #51537393 by jarerd. Dan says "For those of us who hunger for information, libraries represent all that we have yet to learn. The curious mind need look no further."

Publish your work online

The latest version of InDesign includes a preview of an exciting new tool that lets you publish your work online with a single click. Publish Online (Preview) creates an interactive HTML version of your document over multiple pages – with video, audio and animation – which you can publish to Adobe’s servers and even share on Facebook.

Publish Online is still under development, so try out this sneak peek and give Adobe your feedback.

Image: #12597216 by Orlando Florin Rosu. Dan says "The stark contrast and geometric arrangement of the blinds turns this image into something very graphic — a photo that can be used as an illustrative element."

Image: #26576917 by BlueOrange Studio. Dan says "Children are inherently curious — it’s how we learn most of our understanding of how the world works. It’s also a good reminder to keep asking “why?”"

Image: #61581801 by Ruud Morijn. Dan says "Depending on the context, the curious stares of sheep can be comical or oddly disturbing. Either way, it’s a great way to illustrate the concept."

Image: #81643070 by dmussman. Dan says "What would a gallery of images on the internet be without something funny involving animals? Curiosity is an emotion that can easily be humorous: embrace it!"

Image: #43617292 by odenis83. Dan says "Humans are curious beings – but we resist the impulse the older we get. That’s why children are one of the first places I look when showing the spirit of curiosity."

Image: #84975663 by mexitographer. Dan says "The way a dog looks at you when they clearly have no idea what you’re doing — is it curiosity, or are they just trying to figure out why we’re so complicated?"

Image: #52339136 by asife. Dan says "There’s just something wonderful about a child’s curiosity – seeing my niece and nephew constantly poking and prodding the world around them is amazing."

Image: 40891143 by NinaMalyna. Dan says "A little humour, a splash of colour – whether or not this was intended to show curiosity, it’s an example of how a concept and image can tell a story together."