10 powerful ways to depict pride in your work

Creative director and designer Dan Rubin curates 10 persuasive visual representations of pride, strength and unity.

The subjects of these image galleries were all submitted by Digital Arts readers based on key themes and trends – from which Dan chose the best and most popular – so we know they're exactly the type of images you're using in your work.

For his second curated gallery of images from the new Adobe Stock service, Dan has curated 10 images on the theme of pride: the understanding of the worth of yourself; your work and play; your colleagues, friends and family that enables you to achieve your goals (and happiness too).

Tune in tomorrow to discover what he – and you – have picked next.

Image: #69324518 by flairimages. Dan says "Plough the earth, plant the seeds, and after months of waiting and hoping for the right weather, reap the rewards of a job well-done."

Adobe Stock tips

Finding amazing imagery on Adobe Stock is easy – but finding exactly the right image for your current work requires exploring deeper. Just typing 'pride' or 'joy' into Adobe's Stock homepage's search box will bring up wonderful images - but you want images that match the mood and content of your project (and are different from what others may use).

The simplest way to refine your search is to tick or untick the three main forms of stock imagery: photos, illustrations and vectors. But with a library of 40 million images, you can use more exacting terms to find the most appropriate image. For example, instead of searching or 'joy' you could search for 'joy female model brown hair' or 'joy autumn'.

You can also refine images by categories, orientation, include or exclude people and even by the overall colour tone of the image.

Image: #68454901 Dan says "Nothing beats the expression of a child showing off something they have created — a clear sign we’re a species built for making things with our hands."

Image: #67938353 by Monkey Business. Dan says "The pride felt by a father is something I’ve yet to experience, but have witnessed in my brother. This image reminds me just how moving that emotion can be."

Image: #88553643 by Christopher Bradshaw. Dan says "Pride is an emotion tied strongly to our sense of self, and what better modern example of that combination than the colours of the Pride flag."

Image: #13269126 by michaeljung. Dan says "Patriotism shows itself in many ways — being proud of where you come from, or the promise of a future yet to be achieved, it is a powerful form of pride."

Image: #65545773 by Andrea Izzotti. Dan says "Military cemeteries evoke many powerful emotions — for me, the strongest is pride for what all those headstones represent."

Image: #63554743 by Sergey Nivens. Dan says "Sports get us excited — for our home team or the excitement of the game itself. This shot blends that energy, art, and photography without being overbearing."

Image: #60899798 by Tatyana Gladskih. Dan says "The look on my sister-in-law’s face when her 2-year-old says what you’d expect from a 30-year-old: Parents have so much pride for their children."

Image: #72847373 by djbrazovan. Dan says "I was raised to be patriotic of my two countries: the US & UK. Family members have served in both military, and I feel immense pride for all of them."

Image: #22601318 by mangostock. Dan says "I’ve run an agency with my brother, and there’s a lot to be proud of when partnering with family. This image reminds me of what can be built as a team."