Show your passion: 10 powerful ways to portray love, intensity and enthusiasm

Creative director and designer Dan Rubin discusses how to evoke passions with imagery in your designs.

There are lots of things in life to get passionate about: your hobbies, job, family, friends, art, experiences and your significant other (or who you'd like to be your SO). Depicting these passions in your design projects requires one key thing – authenticity. Passion needs to feel real – and fakeness is easy to spot.

To help you show these feelings better, Dan has curated galleries of images taken from Adobe Stock's extensive collection of photos, illustrations and vectors that show passion in many different forms. Maybe one will be the perfect image for your next project – thought if one's not quite right, click on the Find Similar button to see a wealth of variations from which you can pick the ideal visual.

Image: #82753868 by Halfpoint. Dan says "There’s nothing quite like watching a craftsman engaged in meticulous, detailed work. It’s not the Devil you see in those details: it’s Passion."

Adobe Stock tips

With most stock image subscription services, if you don't download all of the images you're entitled to each month, you lose them – but not with Adobe Stock. Any remaining image licences from your monthly entitlement roll over to the following month – and you can use them at any point up to a year after.

This flexibility allows you to make the most of the service at a low cost, whether you only need a few images because of your two weeks in the sun or lots because you've won that big project.

Image: #48253651 by srekap. Dan says "The red rose: an iconic symbol of passion through the ages, from the Tudors to Valentine’s Day. I love how this macro shot turns petals into graphic elements."

Image: #74987987 by mark_hubskyi. Dan says "Dance is full of passion, communicating so much through movement. More than that, dancers themselves are incredibly passionate about what they do."

Image: #87169385 by Jeanette Dietl. Dan says "This somewhat-literal representation of following your heart has an elegance I was immediately drawn to. It’s aspirational and literally uplifting."

Image: #73408002 by Eugenio Marongiu. Dan says "Music is such a passionate medium, triggering deep emotional responses. I can hear this violinist playing when I look at this image, drawn in by the light."

Image: #59876215 by olly. Dan says "Passion takes many forms, especially between two people. I just adore this image for its simplicity, a soft embrace that has stood the test of time."

Image: #62268727 by puhhha. Dan says "Lips: such a strong symbol of passion, especially red — this image has subtle qualities while not being soft, combined with her steely, focused gaze."

Image: #57326966 by Nikita Buida. Dan says "Once again, a dancer draws me in — this time, flamenco, such a passionate style. The bright red dress, dramatic angle and large field of blue are arresting."

Image: #83857417 by Fisher Photostudio. Dan says "The practice and dedication to competitive sport goes beyond just staying in shape. I love how polished this shot feels, as if straight out of a campaign."

Image: #62082633 by millaf. Dan says "It feels fitting to end this series with one last image of an infant and their parent — passion is about feeling deeply, and this shot says so much, so simply."