11 Posters that Sum Up What It's Like to be a Designer or Artist

Design legends The Designers Republic is the latest to create a poster for Odysseus Arms’s ongoing, inspiring series.

Odysseus Arms has once again done something super cool. Namely, an ongoing series of 50 posters revolve around punky, inspiring values for creative people, creatively visualised.

San Francisco has an incredible poster design history that, sadly, hasn’t fared so well in the present day: thankfully, OA is putting their considerable design power into pulling it back. As well as reviving the San Francisco poster scene, OA is emphasising its crafty place in the design world and connecting it to new talent. 

Digital Media: Never Before Have So Many Been Bullshitted By So Few About So Much (shown) by legendary The Designers Republic’s Ian Anderson is the 11th poster in the series. Based on a quote by Saatchi London’s Paul Silburn, this techy, digital-looking and highly disorientating poster brims with great advice.

“The poster is a key observation about the increasingly contradictive culture creatives occupy — the worlds of PR and advertising are becoming unavoidably over-populated with inspirational missives and straps where even those self-referencing the tsunami of spin become spin themselves,” says Ian. 

Here, we’ve collected all the poster designs so far – keep a look out because this collection will grow. And what’s better than 11 great posters? 50 great posters, obviously, which feature even more snakes, those small but resilient spirit animals of many creatives.

We love this wonderful, nostalgic treat that both resembles a threatening tattoo in look and an inspiring pat on the back in tone– and nor can we can’t think of many ad agencies that would create something quite like it.

 “Commissioning a poster series that comments on, while simultaneously interacting and intersecting advertising culture, is a passion project for our good friends at Odysseus Arms,” says Ian. “Much more than the agency biting the hand that feeds, it’s a visual feast of peoples’ ideas beating intuitively at the very core of the creative process.”

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