Best Free Vectors: Where to find brilliant free icons, infographics, logos, inspiration & more

There's a lot of rubbish out there – so we've trawled the web to find the best free vectors from specific projects to sites to search through.

Are you looking for a stylish, professional vector graphic to use in an artwork, design project, website or app – but want if for free? Well, you're in luck.

We've looked across the web to find this collection of the best free vector graphics – featuring 3D isometric objects,

Sometimes it might take a while to sift through masses of vector files on the larger websites, but it’s worth it if you don’t have to spend a thing. 

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, such as complete templates and infographics, some of the smaller sites, blogs and Behance contributions are probably your best bets.

Free Vectors: 3D isometric graphics

Often artists want to help out other artists, and Behance acts as a great source of inspiration and support for vector art.

We found a few good examples, including a set of free 3D isometric shapes under seven different categories for anyone to play with.

The project files have been divided into business, home furnitures, hospitals, spa, industrial, space and education – with each category including six files as inspiration resources for designers. 

The images are 48 in dimension in a flat representation containing 2D drawings with 3D isometric projection in different fields.

Baianet, who designed the images, had those who work in web, graphic design and motion graphics in mind.

Free Vectors: Weather Line Icons

A beautiful set of weather line icons created by Vadivel were originally for personal use, but are now available for download from Behance to use with no restrictions if you please.

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Free Vectors: Infographic Brochure Template

This complete infographic brochure template offers useful vectors such as world maps, charts and computer display tto work with.

It’s available for personal and commercial use, with the text areas editable and three-colour variation.

The template contributed by Mats-Peter Forss works best in Adobe Illustrator.

Free Vectors: Spoon Graphics

Although this blog by designer Chris Spooner is not specifically dedicated to vector files, it does have some on offer and has helpful tips for designers while you’re at it. 

A free set of 10 illustrated light-ray vectors for vintage design is an example of the specific vectors you can get if you didn’t get side-tracked like we did by designers toolkits, print design template packs and Photoshop tutorials.

Free Vectors: Brands of the World

Vectors are often used for branding identity, icons and logos because of their simplistic and resizable nature.

Brands Of The World provides the largest collection of freely downloadable vector logos, as well as giving you the option to showcase your own logos to help other designers. 

The site offers a critique forum if you choose to post your logo to receive comments and ratings for substantial feedback.

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Free Vectors: Vecteezy

Vecteezy is part of the wider Eezy network, which provides Photoshop brushes and textures, video and b-roll footage to artists globally. 

Most files on Vecteezy are free to download, and depending on the license, free to use in your personal or commercial projects.

Search through thousands of international vector files, share your work and discuss all on the site.

Free Vectors

This searchable catalogue might be a bit hit-and-miss, but it does offer thousands of free vector graphics with the intent to make it as easy to search as possible.

The site is simple and easy to use, and most vectors available are licensed as Creative Commons.

Create an account and choose from EPS, AL, DF and SVG files. The site adds new vectors monthly for personal projects, allowing you to modify, alter or combine the files to create your own content.

Free Vectors: Vector4free

This website lets you choose from several files – Adobe Illustrator Al, EPS, PDF, SVG, Corel Draw CDR files.

You can submit your own vectors  to the site, and all images are free for personal use and most for commercial use. Remember to check terms of use before using.

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Free Vectors: Free Vector Archive

This website has rather extensive search terms. You can filter your search by themes, colours, upload times and file type to narrow your choices and make the whole process quicker.

However, using vectors from this site with a free license requires a backline to the site on every page where the graphic is used.

To use them without crediting Free Vector Archive, you can buy a commercial or extended license.