Sagmeister & Walsh’s anti-Trump pins and badges are brutal

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh – plus friends including Jean Jullien and Timothy Goodman – want to convince young people to vote for Hilary Clinton with a series of ruthless anti-Donald designs.

Last night was the first of four televised US election debates, seeing a heated clash between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

Although it feels like hype around the two presidential candidates has already been extremely lengthy and mammoth over 2016 -crunch point is only beginning.

Three more debates will happen in the month of October, ahead of the final votes cast on November 8.

Sagmeister & Walsh have not held back in their hatred for Trump – labelling him “a racist, misogynistic, homophobic man”.

To mark the build-up to the final vote, the New York based design firm has created 40 illustrated pins and badges ruthlessly protesting Trump and encouraging people to vote for Hillary.

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Sagmeister & Walsh created the designs to reach out to young liberal voters – whom only 26 percent voted in the 2012 election. That’s 48 million missed votes.

Apparently enamel pins and patches are in, and the firm saw this method as a way to boost morale and convince “likeminded liberal friends (especially in swing states) to remember to register and vote for Hilary”.

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh patch design

One half of Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica Walsh, wants “everyone to be able to wear their heart (and politics) on their sleeves (or bags and jackets)”, so merchandise will be affordable and profits will be donated to Amnesty International.

The designs have also been printed onto t-shirts, posters, stickers, bumper stickers and temporary tattoos.

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh patch design

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Contributors to the designs include Brian Rae, Jean Jullien, Timonty Goodman, Olimpia Zagnoli, Ward Sutton, Willy Bryant, Coucou Suzette, Adam JK, Ro & Co Studio, Jon Contino and Hort.

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh patch design

Check out some of the designs at their online store and more on the following slides.

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh pin design

Sagmeister & Walsh are known for their bold designs. Last month they unveiled an epic rebrand campaign for NYC fashion label Milly.

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh patch design

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Image: Sagmeister & Walsh pin design

Image: Sagmeister & Walsh temporary tattoos

Image: Segmeister & Walsh pins

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Image: Sagmeister & Walsh poster design