These beautiful drink packaging designs will entice any booze lover

Stranger & Stranger’s award-winning alcohol packaging looks as good as it tastes.

Many of us enjoy a drink (or two). In one of the most competitive markets around, Stranger & Stranger has separated their drinks packaging from the pack by carving them a niche image, powerful brand strategies and quite simply beautiful, beautiful designs.

From its work with low-cost supermarket wines to premium spirits, and curiosities like Kraken Black Spiced Rum to classics like Jack Daniel’s, the bespoke design consultancy prides itself on creating unique packaging in a market where designs across brands are so similar they often blur together.

With Stranger & Stranger’s devilishly detailed designs, you’ll want to buy the alcohol, drink it – and then keep and love the bottle forever. Many of the consultancy’s creations have an authentic, old-fashioned touch in the gorgeous typography, charming illustrations and imaginative compositions. 

Even if you don’t like gin, it might be hard to resist buying this extraordinary brown-blue bottle (shown), especially with its glittering gold stopper– even if it stays full-up on your shelf.

Here, we’ve collected our favourite Stranger & Stranger designs.

Image: Benham’s Gin

Stranger & Stranger – which specialises in alcoholic drinks – have been practicing what they call their “dark art” since 1994 and now label up to around a billion units a year from offices in London, New York and San Francisco. 

Image: Capensis

Safeway asked Stranger & Stranger to create wine that stood out on the shelf. We think these bottles with beautiful sleeves - decorated with images, quotes and recipes - do the job.

Image: Bottles sleeves for safeway

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The Safeway design was inspired by Spirit No 13.

Every year Stranger & Stranger create a limited edition product to celebrate Christmas and New Year. In 2012, Stranger & Stranger won us over with newspaper-insptired prints and old-fashioned type. There are about 500 words on the bottle alone.

Image: Spirit No 13

Designing packaging for strong-smelling stuff is clearly Stranger & Stranger's strongsuit - though we hope this fragranted gift made for Christmas 2015 doesn't stink like the alcohol design specialist's other products. 

See more of Stranger & Stranger's designs on its Behance. 

Image: Sauvelle vodka

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Image: Kraken

Image: Jack Daniel's

Image: Don Papa rum

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Image: Flaming Heart whiskey