This clever calendar helps truckers' families waiting at home

Through a GPS, Ford Trucks’ Comeback calendar flashes and beeps when truckers are close to home

Ford Trucks have done what the best designers do: see a problem and solve it innovatively. A solitary journey across thousands of miles, with a family left behind, takes its toll – especially when you can’t say exactly when you’ll (finally, perhaps briefly) return home.

Of course, a calendar stuck onto a model truck isn’t going to comfort families or truckers all that much - unless, perhaps, you’re a truck-crazy five-year-old – and nor would it be featured in Digital Arts

Digital production company MediaMonks, who were the driving force behind the experiential technology for the Comeback Calendar, moved the calendar beyond just showing dates.

A GPS alerts the family when the trucker is less than a mile from home by flashing the calendar's headlights and honking its horn - as the truck itself might do arriving minutes later. 

Have a cry with this moving case study.

The truck comes with 12 cards for each month of the year. When going for a maintenance check-up, the trucker receives next year’s cards.

As well as being a sleek and beautiful example of product and graphic design, the calendar's truck shape offers more than novelty - but an emotional connection, a handy storage space for the cards and some pretty cool headlights. 

“Ford Trucks creates the best trucks for drivers to transport any cargo with comfort and safety, but we know the weight that his absence is for his family. So we decided to create a different calendar using technology for the benefit of those who love the trucker the most,” says Vico Benevides, Executive Creative Director of Blue Hive.

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