How to make an 'Apple iWatch' using an iPod nano and a 3D printer

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If you're tired of waiting on Apple to come out with its rumored iWatch, you might want to consider a new 3D printable wrist band that can enable an iPod Nano to take on many of the same tasks.

The printable wrist band (above with the nano inserted), designed by University of Edinburgh design graduate Stewart Davies, was designed for Apple's sixth generation iPod Nano and is made from a flexible thermoplastic filament called Ninjaflex.

"I'm a product design graduate who studied in Edinburgh with a mind for destroying perfectly good products and using them to make other reasonably good products," Davies wrote on his webpage on 3D design site

An iPod will fit "snugly" inside the wrist band, offering easy access to the buttons and audio port. The band also includes a double lock system to ensure the iPod Nano doesn't fall out.

The iPod Nano wrist band takes from 65 to 70 minutes to print out.

The iPod Nano wrist band can be printed in a number of colors.

Like other CAD designs in the 3D printing online universe, the wrist band file is free to download. Or Davies will print one out for you for $9.99 (around £5.90).


idsan said: When this iteration of the Nano came out, there were silicone watch bands designed to fit one into them everywhere in the accessories sections of stores. You can also buy them online now for next to nothing, and you won't have to worry about having a rigid, uncomfortable band on your wrist.Neat idea, but there are some things 3D printers aren't suited to. This may be one of them.