10 low-poly illustrations that'll inspire you to create your own

We bring you ten of our favourite low-poly illustrations and show you how to create your own.

One of the big visual trends of 2015 is low-poly images, which are made up of geometric shapes that come together to create an illustration that's 3D in appearance.

Read on for our pick of 10 brilliant low-poly illustrations created by artists, designers and illustrators from across the globe to help inspire you to create your own. And should you decide you want to try it for yourself, we've also got two tutorials that'll show you how.

Got a low-poly project you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

10 brilliant examples of low-poly art

We love this low-poly skull created as part of a personal project by Polish artist Malgorzata Wolska, as shared on Behance.

New York-based graphic designer Giselle Manzano Ramirez has created a series of low-poly portraits depicting familiar faces including pop icons and artists such as Salvador Dali and Bjork.

Low-poly isn't all about portraits and skulls, though, as demonstrated by 3D designer Timothy Reynolds in his projects that explore the natural world with geometric forms. We particularly like his work for The Everywhere Project, in which Tim chose to depict the beautiful waterfalls found in the Brazilian city of Diamantina.

Also great are his animals created as part of a commission from Greenpeace for its Save The Arctic conference banners.

See more of Timothy's work on his website.

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Another series of gorgeous low-poly illustrations starring animals from across the globe comes from German artist Jana Dinges.

See the full series on Behance.

We just want to jump in and explore this low-poly Island created by Polish artist Mat Szulik, who also created some quirky characters to inhabit it, all of which look like they've been carefully crafted from paper.

You can see Mat's process from sketch to final piece on Behance.

These low-poly animals by Argentinian duo Carolina and Juan, who go by the name Estudio Guardabosques, really have been created from paper, and we think they're gorgeous.

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Another set of worlds created this time for a coffee shop's brand identity are also begging to be explored. They're each inspired by countries from which the shop's coffee beans are sourced, including Kenya, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.

You can explore the project, credited to Maxim Goudin and Illarion Gordon, over on Behance.

Something simple but incredibly effective now, and that's this low-poly Iceberg by Runar Finanger, created in Cinema 4D.

Now it's your turn to create your own low-poly illustration. We've got two tutorials to share with you for quite different styles.

The first is our most popular tutorial, which demonstrates how to create a low-poly portrait using Illustrator and Photoshop. You'll be guided step-by-step through the process by Brazilian designer Breno Bitencourt.

Read this tutorial here.

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We've also got a tutorial created by Damien Vignaux - aka Elroy - who talks us through how he created an artwork for his band with a low-poly twist.

Read this tutorial here.

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