1,000s of reference images of men’s fashion and uniforms in this new online archive

If you need reference images of menswear items ranging from a 1999 Alexander McQueen Cable Knit Overcoat to a 1990 US Navy Satin Bomber Jacket, visit this new online archive from the University of Westminster.

Whether you are interested in using fashion photos to inform your drawings, provide pattern inspiration, or accurately model a CG soldier from a particular country or period, there’s a multitude of menswear pieces to explore online in this new library.

The library is based on a physical archive of clothing located in the Harrow campus of the University of Westminster. The Westminster Menswear Archive contains over 1,000 garments and artifacts covering the last 117 years of men’s fashion.

Not only does the archive feature collections from established designers such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Jeremy Scott, but it also exhibits hundreds of 20th century military, work, industrial, and social attire.

With displays such as a 1952 British Army Cold Weather Parka and French Riot Police Articulated Protective Body Armour Zip Up, the collection illustrates the tremendous impact military uniforms has had on menswear fashion.

The archive was established by Andrew Groves, the course director for the BA Fashion and Design at the University of Westminster.

Westminster Menswear Archive exists as a creative resource for students, researchers, illustrators, and professionals seeking inspiration from over a century of menswear fashion collections.

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Menswear suffers a history of neglect and overshadowing in light of women’s fashion that Andrew intends to change. The historical pieces tell the social history of men’s fashion in a way that has never been done before, and the uniqueness of the collections tailored to men’s fashion have resulted in considerable international attention.

In addition to the newly established Archive, the University of Westminster recently created the first MA in Menswear Fashion. The University of Westminster, with Groves influence, continues to strive for the positive development of menswear fashion.

Westminster Menswear Archive differs from its counterparts in that it remains easily accessible to any individual looking for a source of creative inspiration.

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The archive is available virtually on the Westminster Menswear Archive website.

If your needs are greater – such as modeling the pattern of a 1985 Mark and Syrie Spanish Carpet jacket or the texture of a 2003 Stone Island Reversible Metallic Coat for the clothing of a character in a Nicolas Winding Refn movie – then you may book an appointment to visit the archive on its site.

The carefully curated pieces were digitised using StyleShoots capture rigs. Combining Dutch engineering and Danish design, the Styleshoots Horizontal, Vertical, and Live Model all-in-one photography products eliminate the need for a photography crew while producing flat, mannequin, or lifestyle stills.