11 must-have iMessage stickers packs by Jean Jullian, Christoph Niemann, Jon Burgerman & more

For those who use an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10, this is our list of iMessage sticker sets by talented artists that are well worth the download.

An international range of much-loved artists has created sticker sets of lovable characters for Apple’s iMessage in the recently released iOS 10.

If you use an iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS, we’ve picked out 10 must-download sticker sets from independent illustrators and agencies for your social sharing, including Aardman, Jon Burgerman, Major Lazer and Miffy. 

How to download an artist’s sticker set 

To download an artist’s sticker set, open iMessage and tap the Applications button next to the field where you usually type a message. 

In the left-hand corner, click the button that will lead you to the App store. Once there, tap Categories in the top middle of the screen, tap Stickers, and then Artists.

You can then choose your favourite sticker sets to download. Next time you send a message, simply choose a character you wish to send from your downloads by tapping the Applications button again, and swiping right until you find your final pick.

Image: Aardman Face Bomb sticker set in context

Vogue (Jean Jullian)

London-based French graphic artist Jean Jullian has paired up with Vogue to create a set of Vogue-esque oriented iMessage stickers for the launch of its Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion trends.

With the new fashion season comes Jean’s 24 illustrations, helped along by his brother Nicolas Jullian, take a refreshingly comedic angle on the unrelenting nature of fashion consumerism and the 'fashionista' personalities that come with it.

The animated iMessage stickers follow Jean’s playful, minimalist cartoon-style illustrations, poking fun at a subject often taken so seriously.

As Vogue explains: "There’s an endless revolving door for when Fashion Week has you crazed, a literal cat catwalk for your sassier days, and an AWOK Post-it for when your look gets the Vogue stamp of approval."

The only way to download these frightfully realistic and super sassy stickers is by first downloading the Vogue app in the App Store. For Every month Vogue will be debuting more stickers for iMessage, so keep your eyes peeled.

Made With Love 

Made With Love is a collaboration of more than 50 designers and illustrators including Alexandra Zutto, Andreas Polyviou and David Biskup. Each artist has designed one sticker each, curating the entire pack that was released on Valentines Day. Each sticker differs in vision, technique and style.

The Made With Love sticker set is free to download from the App Store.

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The New Yorker (Christoph Niemann)

The New Yorker magazine has just released its own iMessage sticker pack designed by contributor Christoph Niemann. His stickers capture “quintessential moments in city life with a fanciful eye and a humorous touch”, the magazine explains.

Christoph is a New York based illustrator, graphic designer and author of several books including children’s books.

The New Yorker sticker pack is free to download as an extension to the magazine’s app, and requires iOS 10 or above.

Alexandra Zutto

Alexandra was commissioned to make characters for Sticker.Place – a hub for artists stickers for iMessage. 

Alexandra is a freelance illustrator based in Miass, Russia. Her subtle, vector-based style walks the line between sinister and cute, which has made her work particularly suited to T-shirts and other garments. Her work has been made into T-shirt designs by Threadless. 

Check out her tutorial on mastering dynamic gradient techniques to build complex, beautiful images.

The Zutto sticker set can be purchased for $0.99 from the App Store.

Aardman Animations 

The animation studio that brought you the much-loved characters of Wallace and Gromit and Morph has created a sticker set of Aardman faces.

What originally began as an animating partnership following school in England, is now the Oscar-winning studio behind feature films such as CG film Flushed Away and Shuan the Sheep.

The studio recently celebrated 40 years of animating with an epic exhibition of artworks.

The Aardman Face Bomb sticker set is free to download from the App Store.

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Gary Taxali

Gary is known for his retro art reminiscent of the 1930s; even described as reinvented pop art. His artwork, which has seen him win hundreds of illustration and design awards, can be seen in galleries across Europe and the US, in editorials and as products and fashion.

Gary has also published children’s book This is Silly! and currently teaches at various institutions. 

Gary’s sticker set can be purchased from the App Store for £1.49.


 Jeremyville is an artist, product designer and animator. He has written and produced two design books that have become international best sellers - Vinyl Will Kill (the first book on designer toys) and Jeremyville Sessions.

His distinctive and marketable creative voice has transcended into items and merchandise such as clothes, toys, trainers and even snowboards. 

Jeremyville’s sticker set can be purchased for US$1.99 from the App Store. 

Jon Burgerman  

An English-born illustrator living in New York City, Jon is famed for his doodle art and comical characters which feature on furniture and merchandise, in a colouring book and across walls.

Jon recently spoke to us about moving abroad as an artist. Check out our features on Jon.

He’s created over 30 animated stickers for iMessage, which can be purchased for US$0.99.

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Keith Haring 

New York City artist and social activist Keith Haring had a huge influence on art, culture and fashion during the early 1980s before he died in 1990. 

Keith’s direct imagery and iconic symbols represented universal concepts on birth, death, love and war, becoming a recognised visual language of the 20th century.

The Keith Haring sticker set can be purchased from the App Store for US$1.99.

Major Lazer

Major Lazer is an American electronic music band comprised of LA-based DJ and record producer Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.

The sticker set includes characters from the Major Lazer animated TV series, such as Major Lazer himself, hacker blkmrkt and Penny Witewall.

The Major Lazer sticker set by Block Party is free to download from the App Store.

Miffy (Dick Bruna)

The famous and adored small female rabbit was a childhood icon for many. Drawn by retired Dutch artist Dick Bruna, Miffy grew to feature in more than 30 picture books from 1955 to 2011. 

Dick, who is now aged 89, began referring to himself as “the grandfather of Miffy”.

The Miffy sticker set can be purchased from the App Store for £1.49.

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International charity World Wildlife Fund has created a set of origami wildlife animals inspired by the WWF Together app.

The WWF Origami sticker set is free to download from the App Store.

Artie’s Magic Pencil + Astro Cat (Minilab Studios)

Curators of digital content for children, Minilab Studios, designed the cutesy character of Artie for their children’s drawing app Artie’s Magic Pencil.

The London digital production company also developed Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System, a children’s app exploring space. 

The Astro Cat sticker set and Artie’s Magic Pencil sticker set can be purchased from the app store for £0.79 each.