16 illustrations of the most influential Grime MCs

Germany-based illustrator James Boast puts a fresh perspective on Kano, Lethal Bizzle and more.

Germany-based illustrator James Boast has dedicated his newest series of minimalist, colourful illustrations to the raw, swift sound of the booming UK Grime scene.

Clearly a fan of the genre, James has paid homage to who he considers are the 16 most influential Grime MCs. In the beautifully crafted faces, the specific details in the artists’ clothing and accessories, and the carefully applied, atmospheric colour, James not only shows off his understanding of Grime but his incredible knack for character design. 

Though James’ trippy, playful and minimalist illustrations are positively non-Grimey – bright and almost vintage in style – he still fittingly celebrates the distinct look and style of famous Grime artists. And his fresh, unique perspective as forward-looking as Grime itself.

Image: Jammer

As well as self-initiated projects, James’ previous clients include M&S (if Grime to M&S doesn’t show an artist’s scope, what will?), New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, Volvo, Volkswagen and Wired.

Image: Footsie

Image: D Double E

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Image: Stormzy

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Image: Flowdan

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Image: Wretch32

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