17 Hilarious and Weird Donald Trump Artworks

With the US election over, we look back on Donald Trump artworks from the absurd to the politically satirical – which are all horrifying in a special way.

This is the latest cover for German publication Der Spiegel. Translation: The end of the world (as we know it). The cover story will be in English online this evening.

The publication hasn’t held back in expressing deep concern for Donald Trump’s victory, and the implication it has in Europe.

This artwork by Mitch O'Connell was first released in September 2015 when Trump was just one of many candidates for the Republican nominee. It references John Carpenter's classic sci-fi/political satire film They Live, in which the world is secretly run by aliens who disguise themselves using a subliminal signal. When the aliens are revealed - for example by wearing a special pair of sunglasses - they look very much like Trump in this artwork.

However, this artwork appeared across Britain last month on the cover of homelessness charity magazine The Big Issue, which featured an interview with John Carpenter – as well a look at political satire in the age of 'post-truth politics'.

Mitch later applied the style to both Presidential nominees.

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Outline Editions has teamed up with artist Trev Harvey to create this undeniable illustration of Donald Trump, mere days out from the final vote. If you look a little closer, the pop art style portrait is not made up of tiny dots, but yet tiny emojis, adding an extra layer of meaning.

The print is a limited edition of 75, each one signed and numbered in pencil. Twenty-five percent of the profits from each sale will be donated to the Eden psychiatric intensive care ward at the Lambeth Hospital London. 

The Trump portrait is one of many in the emoji series, including Muhammad Ali and Kim Kardashian.

This comical addition by London illustrator Andrew Rae was posted to his social media channels during Clinton and Trump’s debating season. And there’s more where this came from.

You might better know Andrew’s work from the front of New York Times Magazine, or award winning BBC animation Monkey Dust, or his graphic novel Moonhead and the Music Machine.

Jelly London’s in-house animation studio Jelly Kitchen collaborated with illustrator Damien Weighill to create talking Donald Trump and Boris Johnson bagel animations for New York Bakery Company’s new range of cheesy bagels. 

Trump and Johnson are widely recognised, and often shamed, for their outré blonde uniquely floppy hair, alongside their drastic political views. 

Damien comically illustrated the iconic hair onto the doughy bagels – named ‘Trumpsy’ and ‘Borisy’, which sing along to NYBC’s cheesy new language for their Speak Cheesy campaign.

Watch more of the campaign video.

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To mark the build-up to the final vote, Sagmeister & Walsh have just rolled out 40 illustrated pins and badges ruthlessly protesting Trump and encouraging people to vote for Hillary. 

The New York based design firm created the pins to reach out to young liberal voters – whom only 26 percent voted in the 2012 election. That’s 48 million missed votes. 

Apparently enamel pins and patches are in, and the firm saw this as a way to boost morale and convince “likeminded liberal friends (especially in swing states) to remember to register and vote for Hilary”.

Check out our full story on the Sagmeister & Walsh anti-Trump designs.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I suspect most beholders agree on Donald Trump. He is certainly not a typical artist’s muse, for reasons beyond just the unhealthy-vomit-coloured hair.  

And yet - along with accusations of running a divisive, dangerous and bigoted campaign - Trump actually inspires some hilarious, wonderful and fittingly bizarre art and design. 

Here, we’ve collected our favourites from across the art and design world - from fine art made a little less ‘fine’ by Donald in compromising positions to retina-burning street art. 

Starting us off relatively gently is illustrator Andi Meier’s wonderful clay illustration (shown) caricaturing Donald Trump for Playboy, complete with a perfectly Trumpish expression on his face, despite the spectacle behind him. Donald has already been trumped by introducing a vodka, why not dating too?  

Image: Andy Meier's clay illustration

To accompany Mark Leibovich's article Will Trump Swallow the G.O.P Whole? for the Sunday NYTimes Magazine, creative director Jessica Walsh teamed up with Andela Iannarelli, Aron Filkey, Giulia Zoavo and Vittorio Perotti. Their creation is beautifully styled and, er, pretty terrifying.

Warning: look away before the next slide if you have a weak stomach.

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The UK’s EU recent referendum ignited fierce passion all over - but none more odd, unexpected and off-putting than in Stoke’s Croft, Bristol, which was the sweet spot Trump and Boris Johnson chose for a big ol’ snog. It's bizarre, slightly scary and - commissioned by anti-Brexit group We Are Europe - more convincing than anything the Remain campaign came up with.

Er, the slide after this doesn't get better. In fact, it gets worse. 

Image: graffiti mural commissioned by We Are Europe

Where do you start? Perhaps with throwing up. And then having a serious conversation with yourself as to why you can't stop staring. 

See more of FOREAL's eye-catching and, to say the least, bold pop culture visuals for Samsung's personalised news app Upday.

Put your rump on Trump with this fun cushion from Mr Bingo. Even better: all proceeds go to anti-Trump charities. 

Check it out at the KK Outlet.

Image: by Luke Stephenson

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Illustrator Stanley Chow - who is responsible for incredible caricatures, a favourite of mine being an unmistakable Wayne Rooney - has created this Trump, full of air that is quite possibly hot.

Image: by Stanley Chow

For the New York Magazine’s article Donald Trump Is Saving Our DemocracyBobby Doherty created a patriotic photo illustration. 

For the same article comes another quiet photo-illustration by Bobby Doherty depicting Trump as a “direct descendent of Mark Twain’s 19th-century confidence men: the unhinged charlatan who decides to blow up the system.” Yup, despite the positive headline, the article isn’t exactly in favour of Trump. 

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Don't say we didn't warn you, though you've probably seen it before. Artist Illma Gore's painting was banned from Facebook within 24 hours, viewed over 50 million times in three days and, eventually, had Illma (sometimes physically) attacked by Trump supporters. 

The painting was rejected by every gallery, until Maddox Gallery, London, where it still rests. It is  valued at over £1 million. 

Colouring books have done it: they've invaded everything. They are all-powerful. Even Donald Trump is at their mercy. And they don't have much mercy. Got some Donald-related stress? Take it out on his face in this colouring book by Chris Piascik and Shayna Cochefski. 

Brace yourselves for the finale. Even a stomach of steel won’t protect you now.

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