The 5 things you must see before November finishes

This month's most inspiring projects including two exhibitions, a music video, a VR game and the world's largest mural.

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

This superbly crafted video (above) by Colin Tilley and The Little Homies was named Video of the Year at the UK Music Video Awards this month. A superhero-like Kendrick surreally flies through an atmospheric black-and-white LA, rapping from lampposts and eventually meeting police brutality.

Complex in concept and aesthetically beautiful, it’s both uplifting and powerfully makes a much more serious point – a more than worthy winner of the top prize.

Ella & Pitr

Sometime size really does matter. Check out this mural by French artists Ell & Pitr (along with a huge army of volunteers) created for the Quart Street Art Festival in Norway – the largest mural ever created. Spanning 21,000 square-metres of rooftop it depicts a girl dropping a toy of King Olaf, a Norwegian ruler who was born very close to the mural’s site and was strategically placed on the flight path to the nearby Sola airport.

Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture

Whatever your discipline, balance and composition are integral to effective images. Get some tips from a master at an exhibition at the Tate Modern this month dedicated to sculptor Alexander Calder. One of the pioneers of the kinetic sculpture or ‘mobiles’ as Duchamp coined them, Calder took sculpture into the fourth dimension by arranging carefully balanced forms that rock and spin.

This show excels both in content and in wow-factor exhibition design.

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Land’s End

The follow up to smash hit Monument Valley, Land’s End by Shoreditch-based studio Ustwo is a new game designed for Samsung’s Gear VR headset. It’s set in specular dream-like landscapes (inspired by the Hebrides, Iceland and Saudi Arabia) and features puzzles themed around ancient civilisations – think stone circles and runic patterns – controlled using a gaze-based mechanic. It’s an excellent example of develop new technology to deliver joyful experiences.

Read our interview with its creators in an earlier stage of its development.

Jonny Hannah: Main Street

Taking over Yorkshire Sculpture Park, illustrator Jonny Hannah’s new exhibition celebrates the independent high street by creating three novel pop-up shops each made from his own hand-painted signs – all of which are available to buy.

There’s the Main Street (in YSP’s central concourse), a Record Store and The Hand and Heart junk shop, all of which are a audacious riot of typography colour and mark-making.