5 things you must see in July 2015

This month’s shortlist of the best art and design exhibitions – plus Mr Bingo's rap video (yes, you read that right).

Joseph Cornell at the Royal Academy of Arts

It won’t surprise you to hear that collage is having something of a moment, but to see one of the true originators, head to London’s RA this month.

Called Wanderlust, the show is a large-scale retrospective of American artist Joseph Cornell whose interest in astronomy, ornithology, and the natural world fed into his collages, 3D boxes and films – many of which have never been seen before outside of the US. Runs until 27 September.


Caro in Yorkshire

For anyone working with shape and colour (pretty much all designers then), sculptor Anthony Caro is someone well worth checking out. In fact, Londoners are probably already familiar with a piece of his work even if they didn’t know it, the Millennium bridge.

Luckily a joint exhibition between Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Hepworth Wakefield is running all over the summer to introduce us to other work from Caro’s astonishing 60-year-career, focusing on his transition from painter to sculptor and the architectural side of his work. Opens 18 July.

Travel Photographer of the Year

Whether you use photography in your work or not, documenting the things you see either on holiday or as you go about your daily routine is really useful as a way of keeping tabs on inspiring scenes. If you’re looking for tips from the experts, head to London’s Royal Geographical Society for the Travel Photographer of the Year to see incredible examples of portraiture, natural landscapes, wildlife (like this 2014 winner by Joshua Holko), pattern and architecture. Opens 24 July.

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The Line

This new outdoor sculpture gallery stretches along the line of the Greenwich Meridian, stretching from Greenwich itself all the way to Stratford. Along this three hour walk, you can see works by Martin Creed, Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley and Eduardo Paolozzi, all open to the elements. Be sure to check out the clever identity by The Beautiful Meme, which mimics the shape of the route and includes a stunning print job by Heretic.


Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection

Cor Blimey, Mr Bingo knows how to do a Kickstarter campaign. First come up with a product that people actually want, in this case a book containing his much-loved Hate Mail series which saw eager fans pay to have the London-based illustrator berate them via post. Secondly, come up with some excellent pledge rewards (the Troll package anyone?!). Lastly, make a rap (which you can watch above).

We wish him well.

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