55 leading designers and illustrators designed a playing card each for this unique deck

The Playing Arts pack features work by Joshua Davis, Justin Maller, Mike Perry and more.

For the third consecutive year, Playing Arts has created a deck of inspiring, brilliant designs from 55 global, leading artists and designers - to fill your drawer of old, torn playing card decks with something (anything) other than the theme ‘Paris icons from your forgotten trip in the 90s’.

I'm too excited to keep my poker face. The third edition of the deck includes the chaotic work of Joshua Davis, the super-bright world of Justin Maller, the happy creations of Mike Perry and Alessandro Pautasso’s intensely detailed, absorbing works, and more. Rather than the dull themes of usual playing decks, this promises to be explosion of different ideas.

As well as the third edition – check out the first edition and second edition – this year they are launching an international design contest; from more than 550 artists who are already working on their cards for the competition in their own style and technique, 55 of the best will form a new Special Edition deck. The winner will be based on originality, creative interpretation and technical skill. 

All of this goodness is supported on Kickstarter (where you can help support them too). You can also pre-order both of this year's editions on Kick-Starter.

Image: by Bratislav Milenkovic 

Image: by Riccardo Guasco 

Image: by Dan Matutina

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Image: by Victor Vergara 

Image: by Bram Vanhaeren 

Image: Rafael Mayani 

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Image: by Omar Aqil 

Image: by Grzgorz Domaradski 

Image: by Denis Zilber 

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