8 Amazing 3D Artworks created in Cinema 4D R18

See what some talented artists have created using C4D R18 – from sci-fi art a very real-looking Rolleiflex.

Maxon has juat released Cinema 4D R18 – and, with it, a gallery of gorgeous images to show off what the software can do.

Here, we’ve collected our favourites of the works that Maxon commissioned, which combine the power of Cinema 4D’s breathtaking tools and features with the bizarre, compelling imaginations of wonderful artists.

We start off with stills from ManVsMachine’s marvellous animation. Yes, we’ve already featured the work our news story on the software's release. And, yes, you might think that’s enough coverage – but these snapshots capture the startling beauty and detail of the animation. And you get to stare for even longer.

German artist Cornelius Dammrich specialises in creating 3D environments. We love the sci-fi, magical and slightly threatening feel to this deserted car park, and the incredible use of light and dark that makes the image seem more like a photo.

This Cyber Lion has nothing to do with the advertising awards of that name – instead its a creation of London-based artist Adam Spizak.

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Ah, nerdiness. Isn’t it wonderful? Well, nerdiness and astonishing talent is even better, as shown by this eye-catching Boba Fett – also by Adam Spizak.

Polish illustrator and designer Damian Swiderski’s abstract, mesmerising work gives you more the longer you look at it: the play of the light, the swirls, the details.

I feel instantly calm looking at Yan Ge’s beautiful, peaceful work that shows a brilliant understanding of reflections, light and water – you know, all the tricky stuff.

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Technical illustrator Glen Johnson demonstrates his technical prowess with this work of a Rolleiflex camera.

Dimitris Katsafouros is a multi-disciplined artist who works across 3D art, digital art, illustration, motion graphics, packaging and print, and is also part of the two-person design studio WeArePitchBlack. We love the simplicity of his crisp, bright creation.