The 8 daily habits of designers and artists, illustrated by Sam Island

Do you match the profile of your average creative?

Portfolio company Format teamed up with illustrator Sam Island to create a funny, fascinating series of illustratons (and accompanying infographic) showing a day in the life of a modern creative.

The company surveyed 2,000 photographers, designers, illustrators, artists, filmmakers and other creative pros – and asked them about everything from their sex lives to their emoji usage (both being equally interesting, of course). 

It turns out creative professionals don’t fit with the unfocused, chaotic and alcohol-soaked night owl stereotype. In fact, creatives are early risers, business-minded and passionately motivated (a glance at the inspirational work on our homepage would have told them that). Though, yes, they do enjoy a beer.

Here, we’ve collected the most interesting, inspiring (and surprising) habits of your fellow creatives. How much do you fit this profile? Let us know in the comments section below.

Wake up early (and sleep well)

No, creative people don’t hit the snooze button until midday (nor do they avoid setting an alarm at all): 94% wake up in the morning. That might not be something to be super proud of, but we’re trying to dispel some cruel myths here. 

In fact, 71% wake up between 6am and 8:59am- feeling refreshed as over half get between 6 and 7 hours of sleep a night. Highly sensible.

With almost nine out of ten remembering their dreams, we wonder if they’re a source of inspiration for the pros’ work.

Be urban (and have a friend to enjoy it with) 

Creatives aren’t waking up early to clock office hours: almost half work from home – with 74% in a (probably cramped) city residence. Only 4% enjoy rural life. 

But 47% own a pet – the most popular of which is a dog. At least creatives get fresh air on walks.

Yet more identify personally with cats than dogs. Of course, 3% said their spirit animal was a unicorn.

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Be healthy (but be caffeinated)

Nearly a third of creatives drink 2 cups of coffee and tea today, almost half preferring coffee and only 26% sticking to tea. But only one in five engage in the vice of cigarettes.

After the work outs which two-thirds complete at least once a week, 73% of participants keep going with at least 3 meals a day.

Be online… 

With 88% of creatives owning a website, 59% streaming music online and 45% checking social media every hour – Facebook being the most popular, but Instagram not far behind – creatives are super connected.

Oh, and here's how to message like a creative: the tears of joy emoji was respondents’ most used of 2015.

…But remember the real world  

45% of participants prefer writing with a pen over on a tablet (3%). Our favourite styluses for Anroid and iPad lists should fix that. 

38% are bilingual, so they can chat and write to a wide range of people.

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Chill out (quietly with a beer)

64% of creatives consider themselves introverted. Maybe instead of partying hard, creatives prefer curling up on the sofa with their partner (62% have one and 57% had one sexual partner in 2015) and a beer, the participants' favourite drink. 

Respondents were more likely to pick alcohol as their poison of choice (34%) over food (31%), drugs (5%) and gambling (1%).

Dress cool – but make sure you can see

Almost half of creatives wear a leather jacket, preferring temporary style to permanence (66% don’t have any tattoos). Over 44% wear glasses - being able to see is clearly the new cool.

Be passionate

If 83% of creatives swearing doesn’t show passion, what else bloody does?

Maybe this: if respondents won the lottery, 36% would start a passion project and only 4% would quit their job.

It is not surprising, then, that 44% of creative pros are driven by the need to express themselves, with only 4% chiefly craving peer recognition and 8% the need to earn.

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