Andrey Kasay's illustrations are not afraid to be bold, bizarre & open to interpretation

Russian animator and illustrator Andrey Kasay has the gift of creating beautiful absurdity.

It’s hard not to be intrigued by the weird and wonderful work of Andrey Kasay.

His bold use of colour, ludicrous compositions and recurring characters make for an invigorating, if not pleasantly confusing, experience.

Originally from Far East Russia, Andrey said he learnt to draw and make animated videos alongside neighbours Amur the tiger and Dingo the dog.

He's worked for major brands like Red Bull, Google and Adidas, and he’s recently teamed up to production agency Jelly London.

His love for illustration began nine years ago when his wife gave him a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

“I thought, “why not try to draw?" So I did. I then started to make short promo animations for events and parties in 2009, before making 2D frame-by-frame cartoons, music videos and a TV opening flash,” he says.

Andrey often blends the surreal and real into pop-art style. He uses Photoshop and After Effects software alongside more organic tools such as canvas, acrylic, paper and watercolour to convey scenes of organised chaos, of whose meaning he chooses to keep mysterious.

“Some intrigue never hurt anyone, right?”

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He says “the whole world” is his inspiration, and he loves incorporating bright colours into his animations and illustrations. 

“I am particularly a fan of Soviet and old-school American animation, Japanese cartoons and basketball, which are all elements that play throughout my work.”

A recent favourite project of Andrey’s was a short animation he created for Paramount Comedy – Swimmer – as seen at the top of this article. He’s also created animations for Russian rock group Mumiy Troll and indie band NRKTK. 

He’s currently working towards an upcoming solo exhibition in Vienna.

Image: Andrey Kasay

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