15 Best Euro 2016 Art and Design Projects

Plus more of the quirkiest, funniest and most beautiful Euro 2016 art, design and animation projects.

The Euro 2016 football tournament is beautiful beyond the quick passes, net-shaking shots and, er, Oscar-worthy dives of the game - just check out the gorgeous art and designs inspired by the tournament. 

We’ve scoured the web to find the best art and design tributes to the tournament - both official and unofficial. There is a lot of internet to sort through - from the equivalent in quality to own goals, all the way to the bicycle kick belters that we've shared here.

UEFA Euro 2016 BBC Euro titles by dock10, GeeFX and BBC Sport

The striking official titles for the BBC's coverage of the tournament (above) were created by MediaCity-based dock10 and GeeFX. It uses a Polar Panorama Effect to create a miniature 360-degree world featuring iconic French buildings, with some of Euro 2016's best known players projected over the top.

The graphics were created in Nuke, After Effects and Cinema 4D.

UEFA Euro 2016 Retro Kit Collection by Studio JQ

Following the popularity of Studio JQ's Retro Poster Collection, designer Jonathan Quintin - who leads the studio - created these striking, wonderfully presented simple and abstract designs of football team kits. 

UEFA Euro 2016 stadiums by Rich Hinchcliffe and L-dopa Design 

Animation director, animator and motion designer Rich Hinchcliffe animated these hypnotic, skillfully made looping GIFs of beautiful illustrations by L-dopa Design for each stadium that ESPN FC use on social media. Creative direction and layout design is by Neil Jamieson. The GIFs are certainly more satisfying to watch than England games. 

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How to Take a Euro 2016 penalty by Rich Hinchcliffe and Martin Laksman

Assisted by Martin Laksman, animator Rich Hinchclifee returns to ESPN with an hilarious, beautifully dynamic how-to GIF guide on penalty-taking with classic tips such as Don't Be England (I wish), Don't Think Too Much (shown) and, if in doubt, Just Blast It Wayne Rooney style. Creative direction is by Neil Jamieson

Read the (equally hiarlious) accompanying article here.

UEFA Euro 2016 portraits by Mario Mave Donisi and Domenico Frongillo

Digital artist Mario Mave Donisi and designer Domenico Frongillo created these incredible, intense and portraits with Adobe Illustrator. Keep an eye on the Behance page, as they're a work-in-progress. 

UEFA Euro 2016 illustrated cards by Splinter 

Design agency Splinter's fun, animal cards captured all our hearts with an abundance of fascinating, characterful animals for each Euro 2016 country. I just wish I was from Ukraine with that incredible frog. Read more in our in-depth feature.

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UEFA Euro 2016 City Maps by Luis Dilger

In a very different tribute to the games-everyone-won't-shut-up-about, German artist Luis Dilger has created gorgeous 3D maps of host cities. Want one on your wall? Society6 can sort you out.

UEFA Euro 2016 bad left-handed England portraits by Ben Tallon

I've included close-ups of my personal favourites of Ben Tallon's hilarious, freeing left-handed drawings. In any other context, saying the faces of Roy Hodgson and Dele Alli are funny looking might be considered rude - so enjoy it.

There are a small number of limited run, signed edition prints if you get in there fast. Just contact Ben on his website to find out more.

UEFA Euro History by Papaya                 

Delightfully providing inspiration for footy buffs and design geeks alike, Italian studio Papaya has created 14 illustrations retracing the history of the UEFA European Football Championship. We love the striking use of shadows and the long, flowing shapes. 

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UEFA Euro 2016 Carlsberg Export by Taxi Studio

Striking, sleek and refreshingly different to most beer design, Taxi Studio gave Carlsberg Export a world-class reboot. We were lucky enough to chat to Spencer Buck, co-founder of Taxi Studio, to tell us more about the design process. 

UEFA Euro 2016 Wall Chart by Studio Blackburn + Nirvana CPH       

Simple, stylish and oh-so-beautiful, creative production agency Nirvana CPH and Paul Blackburn of design agency Studio Blackburn have done it again with a football tournament wall chart that stands out from the crowd. This chart pays homage to the addictive Panini sticker albums. See their 2014 World Cup collaboration here.

UEFA Euro 2016 Edition of Green Soccer Journal

Green Soccer Journal is not exactly a convert to the bright, bombastic, shouty style of other footy magazines. It is, in fact, something else altogether more beautiful and engaging. All illustrations are by Osvaldo Casanova

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UEFA Euro 2016 poster series by Sean Ford

England-based designer Sean Ford's posters cleverly uses elements from each country's flag to create a fresh, gorgeous perspective, whilst keeping to the original feel and shape of the flag. 

UEFA Euro 2016 Limited Edition Poster by Parallel

A vibrant red and blue A1 limited edition poster is a wonderfully proud way to celebrate Euro 2016. If you want to scare footy sceptics away from your home by making it a constant, loud reminder of football's existence, get your poster quickly as there are Tonly 100 available, each with a unique number hand written on the print.

UEFA Euro 2016 infographics Le Beau Jeu by Accept & Proceed + Nico Pigelet

Please excuse the uninformative image. We don't quite know the score yet for this one. Launching at the same time as the Euros, Le Beau Jeu promises to celebrate the tournament with an infographic each game, so keep an eye out. 

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