Celebrate Summer with these Stylish, Elegant Illustrations

Mads Berg’s soft, elegant art proves there's still life in the low-poly art style.

It’s hard to say exactly what it is about Mads Berg’s illustrations that's so transportive that you can actually feel sun on your skin, wind in your hair and wherever you are – office, home, street – vanish from around you.

Perhaps it’s the delicate, dreamy smudges of sunlight. Or maybe the warm, vibrant colours. If not, perhaps it’s the low-detail, low-poly shapes (surely that faceless guy overlooking the sea could be you?). Personally, I’m too lost in Mads’ art to bother working its exact charm. 

The Copenhagen-based illustrator’s previous work continues the oh-so-beautiful mystery: whether a retro poster for the retro poster for the Monaco Grand Prix, majestic stamps for the Royal Mail or dizzying posters for the O2, Mads’ work is always breathtakingly beautiful. 

Read on for more from this beautiful illustration series.

This sexy project, called Pantheon – I’m assuming it’s named after Roman building, as it’s fittingly beautiful – was created for a surprisingly unsexy-sounding housing development project.

We love the simple, abstract background, which channels all focus towards the swimming woman. 

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Mads has collaborated with numerous multinational clients such as Coca Cola, Orangina, San Diego Zoo, Lego, Monocle and Wired.

Again, Mads' colour choices are brilliantly evocative.