Each UEFA Euro 2016 country is given an animal in these fun, illustrated cards

After the success of their World Cup pack, design agency Splinter has made an illustrated sweepstake kit for the Euros.

It’s nearly UEFA Euro 2016 and strange things are reappearing: drunk patriotism, the national flag realising its limited potential as clothing and poster campaigns of players with graphics swirling around them, as if they’re a type of odd, muscular wizard.

 Thankfully, this year, designers are clearly giving football 110% (as pundits would say). First came DesignStudio’s modern, bold rebranding of the premier league and now design agency Splinter has designed an illustrated sweepstake kit – a stack of 24 cards, featuring illustrated animals to represent each country.

We love all the bright, playful and surprising designs – a welcome diversion from football design clichés - but I think my favourite is Ukraine's cute card. Check out all the countries in this article, and find out more on Splinter’s Euro 2016 microsite.

To play, you sell each of your cards to friends or colleagues, who get a randomly selected team from the pack, which is their team for the tournament. Each card has a fact file, unusual facts, players to watch and an illustrated legendary player on the back. Find out more here.

Image: Albania, Golden Eagle

Splinter also created World Cup 2014 sweepstake postcards.                 

Image: Austria, Black Eagle

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Image: Belgium, Belgian Malinois 

Image: Croatia, Marten 

Image: Czech Republic, Lion 

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Image: England, Bulldog

Image: France

Image: Germany, Golden Eagle

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Image: Hungary, Komondor

Image: Iceland, Gyrfalcon

Image: Italy, Wolf 

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Image: Northern Ireland, Stag 

Image: Poland, Bison 

Image: Portugal, Wolf 

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Image: Republic of Ireland, Irish Hare 

Image: Romania, Lynx 

Image: Russia, Bear 

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Image: Slovakia, Otter

Image: Spain, Bull 

Image: Sweden, Elk 

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Image: Switzerland, Dairy Cow 

Image: Turkey, Grey Wolf 

Image: Ukraine, Frog 

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Image: Wales, Red Kite