How artists and designers including Jon Burgerman, Jean Jullien, Axel Scheffler & more are backing Remain in the EU Referendum

The art and design community have created posters, artworks and GIFs to support the Remain campaign. See our pick here.

Bored of the occasionally abusive, often manipulative and consistently monotonous EU referendum campaign? Luckily, artists and designers are up to what they do best: finding a fresh perspective.

With Britain voting to remain or leave the EU today, our Twitter and Facebook feeds have burst with a stream of artworks – a refreshing break from ‘Project Hate’, ‘Project Fear’ and other words that are so often repeated they’ve become meaningless despite their melodrama. 

We tried our best to equally represent both arguments (honestly). But it’s more important than we reflect the opinions of artist and designers – who, overwhelmingly, appear to be for Remain. 

In fact, on the Stronger In website, artists have a neat, pretty corner of their own. And, however hard I’ve Googled, it’s hard to find the Leave equivalent. 

If you’re looking for evidence of the art world’s beliefs beyond my Googling abilities, Art council England’s guidance reminds us of EU grants for creative projects;#EUartsdebate on Twitter was mainly concerned about Brexit; and, recently, Welsh art figures backed Remain. 

So, enjoy the best of the art world’s seemingly overwhelming support of Remain – and some cracking Leave works too from the likes of Jean Jullien (shown) and more.

With a striking, simple blackboard sketch, Turner Prize nominee Tacita Dean goes back to basics for full impact.

Antony Gormley's subtle, soft design gives an emotionally powerful message.

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Head of studio at ustwogames Daniel Gray references their wildly popular game Monument Valley in this GIF. In a tweet accompanying the work, he said "Monument Valley couldn’t have been made without our EU team members. Help us make great games and ."

Jefferson Hack - who is, take a deep breath, editorial director and publisher of Dazed Group, as well as creative director of MAD Agency London and Nowness - teamed up with Ferdinando Verderi on two posters, one urging a different approach on the usual 'fuck the system" (shown). 

14 well-known artists created posters for the official Britiain Stronger In Europe campaign, which you can download here.

This is Jon Burgerman's.

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Unlike the accusations flung at the Remain campaign, there is no 'Project Fear' in Damien Hirst's piece - only hope, his signature butterflies and brightness.

In two subtle, gorgeous posters that raise both serious points and a smile, sculptor Anish Kapoor plants his flag in Remain soil. 

In his typical bold, slightly creepy and medium-mixing style, illustrator Nate Kitch's work makes you tilt your head over more than just the referendum. In a tweet, he simply urged "let's not ruin a good thing." Who can't agree with that sentiment?

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Well-known British portrait and fashion photographer Rankin goes straight for the heart with his poster supporting Remain. 

Irish, London-based artists Eva Rothschild's posters reminds Remainers why they love the EU: it may be messy, but it's bright and hopeful too. 

Children's book illustrator Axel Scheffler - best known for his collaboration with Julia Donaldson, creating favourites such as The Gruffalo - focuses on children, the future, in his plea to Remain. Axel has previously said that The Gruffalo would not have been possible without the EU.

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Bob and Roberta Smith - aka Patrick Brill - turn his trademark playful lettering, and a heartwarming message, to the Remain campaign.

Michael Tierney's memorable, strange poster is unique and attention-grabbing. 

Fine art photographer Wolfgang Tilmans - who has written extensively on his website why he’s pro Remain - has created an equally extensive, frank poster series to match.

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Bruce Usher gives you space on the internet to use his starry font for good reasons to stay in the EU. 

David Shrigley's piece is characteristically blunt.

Collective Dog&Rabbit go for full-blown political art in their dramatic, intriguing and loud poster.

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Comprehensive reasoning plus great sketches, artist and illustrator Dave Walker has thought the campaign through. 

Dan Woodger's cheeky, adorable piece is full of love. 

To not quite even it out, but at least make it very slightly less unbalanced, The Spectator declared itself pro-Leave with this dramatic butterfly on its way to an independent life (butterflies aren't known for their resilience or long lifespans, but let's ignore that). 

Currently the artist is uncredited, which might tell you something.

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