Find brilliant inspiration in this illustration magazine

Curated for art commissioners, Create-Zine scaled the globe to unearth beautiful illustrations from Laura Berger, Martine Johanna, David Mendez Alonso and more.

Uniquely aimed at the commissioning industry, Create-Zine is a fresh independent publication that connects art buyers, creative directors, designers and publishers with established and upcoming artists.

London-based Create-Zine was dreamed up by ex-colleagues of The Central Illustration Agency (LINK), Jules Beazley and Alicja McCarthy, who desired to showcase the best talent in global art, craft, design, direction, illustration and printmaking.

The first issue included impressive creative work from individuals and studios such as Hush, Kai & Sunny and Mega Munden with the hopes of connecting remarkably talented artist to art commissioners. Find out more about how and why the magazine launched in our interview with the founders here.

For its third issue, Create-Zine is back with brilliant illustrations from Laura Berger, Martine Johanna, David Mendez Alonso and more. Readers will find inspiration among the pages filled with beautiful, wild illustrations of jungle textiles, adventure alphabets, floral patterns, flamingos made of rice, and even a mystical giant hare.

See our selection of some of the most astounding features in Issue 3.

David Mendez Alonso

Originally from Galicia, Spanish creative director, artist and fashion designer David Mendez Alonso finds inspiration from graffiti and American underground comics by Daniel Clowes, Charles Burn and Johnny Ryan.

Pictured is a shot from his Outsider Division brand, which according to the designer is aimed at all people who understand his work; “for all of the weirdos out there, it is a brand that celebrates the beauty of errors”.

Outsider Division clothing is saturated with splashes of vibrant colours mixed with eccentric patterns that perfectly emulate its street-art inspiration.

Martine Johanna

Dutch artist Martine Johanna creates art that often depicts modern females vacant in thought, brought to life through colourful, illustrious brush strokes.

Martine’s style is influenced by her personal thoughts, feelings and experiences on female mental and physical development, which in her case was greatly affected by her restrictive village life.

The artist told Create-Zine that “village life was sometimes judgmental, fanatically religious and paternally smothering so I escaped through my ‘art’. My influences are anything I have experienced visually and mentally.”

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Camille Romano

Inspired by Finnish nature, Camille Romano’s calm and delicate abstract collage art is influenced by the colours of seasons, sensitivity of light and shapes of foliage of her beautiful homeland.

“The way I see it, in Finland and Scandinavia in general, beauty can be found in simple daily life,”  says the artist.

“Everyday things are celebrated. This way art and design art more democratic and accessible to everyone. Aesthetic beauty is not defined by exuberance, luxury or cultural traditions. That is perhaps the most important thing I realised when I move to Finland.”

James Lewis

James Lewis is an artist from Cardiff who uses acrylic and spray paint combined with vibrant colours to create masterpieces of pop art.

His goal as a passionate graphic designer, illustrator and painter is to make his letterforms and messages stand out – and that they definitely do.

Pictured is a preview of his typography feature in the third issue of Create-Zine.

Max Guther

A Berlin native, Max Guther is a 25-year-old illustrator who specialises in a variety of freelance projects created by mixing Photoshop and 3D.

Max’s illustrations often involve collaged worlds that focus on architectural details, interiors and how the human body interacts with the environment around it to convey everyday situations and activities.

Featured in the magazine is his Joy of Again design, which is a playful rendition of an elderly man enjoying what many would call a children’s pool slide.

The man hangs around both children and adults, which we’ve interpreted as counter to whom all view ageing as a dark, unavoidable experience.

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Create-Zine Issue 3

Check out more inspiring illustrations in Create-Zines third issue, which was designed by Heretic Studio, by download issue 3 for free on the publication’s website.