Giovanna Giuliano’ illustrations wonderfully imagine Facebook as real life

The Italian illustrator’s warm, grainy style beautifully captures the weirdness of social media.

We all use Facebook. We’re all also – after reports of associated depressive symptoms, complete lack of privacy and the general ruin of productivity – a little scared of Facebook. 

Italian illustrator Giovanna Giuliano clutched at that fear, mulled it over, and out popped a fun, beautiful – but still creepy - set of illustrations, People on FB, showing us as social media users, the reality behind the mask and how everything, from emotions to our day-to-day activities, are overly simplified on Facebook.

Though Giovanna used to be a graphic designer (graduating from the Fine Arts Academy in Venice) and prefers the clean and clear, she has since embraced grainy, slightly disconnected illustration – and it clearly suits her style, whilst retaining the elegance she’s always loved.

Image: The jury

Giovanna’s work beautifully lends itself particularly to editorial illustration, but her wide-ranging clients include Wired UK, Luxottica, The Planner Magazine and FAO/IAEA.

Image: So boring on the sofa

Whilst her limited palette almost gives her illustrations a sparse look, the characterisation more than makes up for it in warmth, cooking up a perfect balance of both.

Image: keep calm and be zen

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It’s these quiet, unnoticed, unfiltered moments where we get to know ourselves best that Giovanna explores – and they also happen to be the exact opposite of what we broadcast on Facebook.

Image: Are you spying on me?

Image: Sunday Morning

Image: Noodles

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