How to get the most value from your stock photo and graphics library

Discover how GraphicStock's all-you-can-eat offering lets you try out as many different approaches to your design and graphics projects as you like for a fixed low price.


Stock media library GraphicStock provide access to a vast range of quality creative content in just a couple of clicks of a mouse button. Consisting of a varied mix of photos, vector art, logo artwork, business templates and textures, having on demand access to so much content gives you - the designer - flexibility to test multiple design concepts and present them to your client in a timely and cost effective manner.

And, because the images are royalty-free for all personal and commercial use, your client will never have to worry about licensing fees if they choose to extend the life of the project. Here are 10 of our favourites from the GraphicStock Library and how they could be used.

Theses two mosaics was created using images taken from GraphicStock's massive collection of stock photos and graphics. Download a high-res version of this mosiac here. Rocket Ship & Pink and Yellow

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This starry sunset over a landscape would be perfect for projects on astronomy or long exposure photography articles. Sunsets like this may also be seasonally/weather specific and only available to capture at specific points in the year, therefore stock imagery could significantly cut down a project’s timespan.

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Icons for Infographics

Infographics are one of the most effective ways of presenting complex information about your business quickly and coherently. GraphicStock not only provide a range of icons and vector shapes, but they also come supplied in EPS format so you can edit them quickly and efficiently in Illustrator.

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Rust Textures

Rust textures are perfect for adding grunge textures to your artwork and illustrations in Photoshop,converting them to black and white and experimenting with Layer Blending Modes to achieve a multitude of different effects. You can also use rust textures for Bump Maps in 3D projects.

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GraphicStock have an extensive library of all-weather cloud stock, which is great for adding in a more dramatic sky into your images. Brilliant for the unpredictable weather and grey skies of the UK, it gives more flexibility for shooting in outdoor locations.

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Vector Brushes

If you’re looking to add some flourishes to your presentation, GraphicStock also have a library of brushes to do just that. Supplied in ABR format, all you have to do is drop the file into your Photoshop brushes folder and you are ready to get creative.

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Watercolour painted features

Creating a digital scrapbook or online artist's portfolio? GraphicStock’s selection of hand painted watercolours are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your composition and breaking up areas of negative space. Available in a variety of formats including JPG and EPS (Illustrator), GraphicStock make it easy to add the artwork into existing projects.

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Smoke Texture

Great for anti-smoking campaigns or simply as a background texture, smoke stock images are incredibly effective and eye catching. Add a splash of yellow or orange to the smoke using the Hue blending mode in Photoshop for and you’ll also have a pretty decent flame effect.

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Seamless Pattern tiles

Looking for a background for your new website or online portfolio? GraphicStock have thousands of seamless patterned tiles in their library from floral damask and geometric designs to lego bricks to paisley and bokeh. 

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Vector Logos Stock

Starting a new business? GraphicStock have a range of vector logo shapes including shields, retro circles and ribbons to help you start to build your brand from the logo right through to headed notepaper and business cards. These are all available in EPS format as well, so you can take them straight into Illustrator and start experimenting with colours and fonts.

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Holiday Themed

Getting a head start on your seasonal marketing campaigns? GraphicStock have got you covered, from Valentine’s and Christmas promotions to birthdays and Hallowe’en.

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