How Felix Hernandez uses real miniatures and Photoshop to create dreamy images

Digital artist and photographer Felix creates idyllic images using models including vehicles and Star Wars miniatures – mixing traditional and digital methods for rather beautiful results.

Felix is a commercial photographer, designer and digital artist from Mexico City, currently residing in Cancun, bordering the Caribbean Sea. 

His work is mainly for clients of his own creative firm and for other advertising agencies – but Felix is unique in his willingness to reveal the process behind his images through sharing videos of his creative process. Appreciation for his images amplifies after watching the videos, even if the dream-like philosophy the images demand is slightly jeopardised.

As well as studio set-ups, Felix also uses real locations – and himself as a reference model.

Felix doesn't just use Star Wars toys, as this work shows (though you'll see more of his Stormtrooper work later in this story).

Inner Journey was created using a mini bus model over a diorama. Felix “weathered” the mini bus and used flour for the snow effect. The image was shot at his studio lit with a simple LED lantern, making the shot a long-exposure for one minute. He digitally added the Milky Way later.

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He also occasionally uses real people, combining them with models seamlessly. The Crow and The Dove were images shot in his studio combining a scale model of a boat with a human model.

This is how Felix applies his skills to commercial projects – in this case for an Audi R8 campaign.

And now more of Felix's Troopers.

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Another Trooper.

This presentation of a Trooper isn't quite as respectful to the Star Wars universe as the others...