How illustrator Tim McDonagh dealt with a creepy superfan

This film explores the 'relationship' between artist Tim McDonagh and his self-proclaimed 'biggest fan', Frank.

Tim McDonagh is a Brighton-based illustratator who's worked for clients from Nike and Penguin to Bloomberg Businessweek and Activision. His work brings together thick black linework with deep colours – and he isn't afraid to show the blood, sweat and tears of his subjects (especially the blood).

Tim's also contributed to Digital Arts, detailing how he colours inked artworks – as well as providing tips on how to draw celebrities, actors and singers.

Image: This piece was created for The Atlantic magazine for an article about director Guillermo Del Toro.

Handsome Frank represents many well-known illustrators including Malika Favre, Jean Jullien, Helen Musselwhite, Leonie Bos and MaricorMaricar.

Image: A portrait of Italian footballer Mario Balotelli for a Puma supplement accompanying the magazine Eight by Eight. The theme was 'duality' to tie in with the shoe brand's new contrasting-colour trainers.

Image: This spread artwork was for an article about Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman in a recent issue of Variety, for which Tim also created the cover illustration.

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Image: An illustration for Tim Macwelch's book How To Survive Off The Grid.