How illustrator Tim McDonagh dealt with a creepy superfan

This film explores the 'relationship' between artist Tim McDonagh and his self-proclaimed 'biggest fan', Frank.

Tim McDonagh is a Brighton-based illustratator who's worked for clients from Nike and Penguin to Bloomberg Businessweek and Activision. His work brings together thick black linework with deep colours – and he isn't afraid to show the blood, sweat and tears of his subjects (especially the blood).

Tim's also contributed to Digital Arts, detailing how he colours inked artworks – as well as providing tips on how to draw celebrities, actors and singers.

Image: This piece was created for The Atlantic magazine for an article about director Guillermo Del Toro.

Handsome Frank represents many well-known illustrators including Malika Favre, Jean Jullien, Helen Musselwhite, Leonie Bos and MaricorMaricar.

Image: A portrait of Italian footballer Mario Balotelli for a Puma supplement accompanying the magazine Eight by Eight. The theme was 'duality' to tie in with the shoe brand's new contrasting-colour trainers.

Image: This spread artwork was for an article about Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman in a recent issue of Variety, for which Tim also created the cover illustration.

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Image: An illustration for Tim Macwelch's book How To Survive Off The Grid.

Tim's beautiful portrait of singer and harpist Joanna Newsom formed the basis of his masterclass on colouring tricks for inked artwork.