Incredible illustrations dealing with the most important of subjects

These artworks bring an quietly forceful tone to important subjects like the Holocaust, gun control and the death penalty.

Stuart McReath's style perfectly match the most serious of subjects. His works have a simple composition around a well-thought out concept, which drives home its meaning without feeling obvious or clumsy.

His sombre colours are accompanied by intensely graduated shading, which give a solidness to the objects and people in his works that imbues them with a feeling of weight and depth - both literally and metaphorically.

He's recently updated his site with new work, some of which we've featured here.

In this recent illustration about the Holocaust, the shape of a candle - it's body, wick, flame and smoke - contain both a survivor of Auschwitz and one who died there.

This illustration was published in April, when President Obama proposed 23 pieces of legislation for greater gun control.

From January 2016, this illustration accompanied a piece on the US prison system's Death Rows.

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Not all of Stuart's work is about the darker side of life. This work is about spontaneous creativity.

Stuart's editorial illustrations also include work about very specific subjects, such as this piece on a specific topic concerning UK schools watchdog Ofsted.

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