Joey Guidone’s new work is a poignant, funny take on modern infidelity

We’ve taken a look at the latest of Joey’s gorgeous and clever portfolio.

Isn’t the internet great? Some say that the it helped empower the Arab Spring, most agree that the scale and impact of WikiLeaks would not have been possible without its power… and almost everyone concedes that this great technological achievement has also made cheating and deception horribly, horribly easy. 

Yes, the transmitter of cat GIFs and selfies does have its downsides. Your spouse is cheating on you, on his phone, right now (shown) is the pertinent title of Italian artist Joey Guidone’s uncomfortably arresting – and oddly funny - illustration. 

Jane Martin art directed the piece, which was for Is your spouse texting – or cheating?, an article in The Boston Globe. We love the clash of the piece’s retro feeling, with its bold lines and block colours, against the modern subject matter.

“This is the state of infidelity, twenty years into the digital age,” reads the caption of the latest addition to Joey’s portfolio. “Our ‘real lives’ are lived as much online as off – and the difference between the two grows even more blurred.”

Here, we’ve collected more of our favourites of Joey’s recent work – an indulgent treat you don’t have to feel guilty about (unlike cheating, geddit?).

Joey was born at the foot of the Italian Alps, where he still lives and works after a brief stint studying illustration at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin and Mimaster in Milan – sounds inspiring, we think jealously from our busy London office. 

From his fresh, beautiful home comes equally delightful work. Trading up and down (shown) accompanies an article in The Boston Globe exploring how most presidential candidates in the 2016 American election are saying free trade deals off-shored millions of jobs, while capping American wages – in a u-turn from past American politics.

You can find more of Joey’s work on his Behance.

Image: Effective Altruism illustrates a movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the best way to improve the world. It was commissioned by Modern Psykologi magazine and art directed by Agnes Dunder.

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Image: Psychoses, drugs & mindfulness was also created for Modern Psykologi, for an article that explores what the three have in common.

Image: Balancing act for ESPN illustrates FIFA’s challenge of hosting its presidential elections and Euro 2016 after the Paris terrorist attacks. 

Image: How doing good can help you doing better for Investment Advisor magazine helps argue that “helping the world a better place might make you a better person,” according to the article.

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Image: Respect for individual autonomy for Modern Filosofi magazine, with art direction by Agnes Dunder. Should the government prohibit people from harming themselves? The piece was included in the winners list of the Creative Quarterly 42 competition.

Image: Reading books today for Modern Folosofi ponders why everyone cares we’re reading less books today – why should we read books?

Image: Creative impulses accompanies an article for Variety greeting the 2016 New Year with some resolutions for the television industry. Art direction by Cheyne Gateley.

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