Illustrator Livia Cives’ artworks burst with colour and fun

The Italian illustrator has worked for the likes of Clarion USA and John Hopkins Press. We can see why.

Days seem brighter when we find great new work – even cold, wet February days. And, luckily for us, Italian artist Livia Cives’ illustrations are as vibrant and lively as her home country.  

Rather than lock herself up in the studio, Livia prefers to draw people, animals and other subjects on location. Digitally manipulating her ink and pen drawings or engravings creates something unique. 

Livia’s loose style works with both serious topics – she has been commissioned by Deloitte University multiple times – as well as more fun, playful images. We can’t be the only ones who giggled at the Record Lady (shown).

Since graduating from Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Livia has worked for the likes of Clarion USA and John Hopkins Press, and has moved from Rome to Stockholm. 

An illustration for an academic piece arguing government can only make a change to social problems with the help of outside collaborators - or ‘wave-makers’.

Image: The Wave-Makers for Deloitte University Press

Original drawings for 'The Wave-Makers'

Deloitte University Press preferred the first option for The Wave-Makers as it put the lighthouse in a more striking, central position. 

Image: Original drawings for 'The Wave-Makers

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Image: Microfinance in Guatemala for John Hopkins magazine

For John Hopkins magazine

Image: for John Hopkins magazine

Environmental Consciousness for Clarion USA 75th Anniversary

Image: Environmental Consciousness for Clarion USA 75th Anniversary

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Image: American Pantry Study for Deloitte University Press