London design outlet Dusk Studio on giving words style & feeling

Dusk Studio, primarily the work of Michael Crozier in collab with other artists, specialises in bright, highly textured 3D art.

London design outlet Dusk Studio has been recently showcased by Folio illustration agency, and dubbed one of 2018’s up-and-coming illustrators, after it launched in 2016. Here we speak to the main artist behind it, Michael Crozier, who ventured out on his own after years of working in creative studios across Europe. 

Specialising in bright, highly textured and detailed 3D typography, illustration and more recently, moving graphics – whilst also offering a range of design services for clients – Dusk Studio is primarily the work of Michael, often in collaboration with other artists and illustrators.

Varying clients of Dusk Studio include Adidas, Red Bull and a number of publications and perfume brands including Marc Jacobs’ Daisy and No 5 Chanel. Experimenting with different textures, shapes and colours of CG images, notably senses-heightening typography, Dust Studio hopes to broaden its colour palette and move into motion design.

Answers are attributed to Dusk Studio, as that’s what Michael prefers to go by.

Miriam Harris: How did you begin working as an artist?

Dusk Studio: "I studied graphic design at Leeds University and part of the course was an intern year, which I spent at SNASK in Stockholm and ilovedust in Portsmouth and London.

"From then I knew I wanted to head in the direction of illustration rather than graphic design. I joined Shotopop in London the summer I graduated and worked there for five years, until heading out on my own as Dusk Studio in the later half of 2016."

Image: Development for cover of Jazeera Airlines in-flight magazine. 

MH: What are you hoping to achieve artistically within 2018?

DS: "I hoping to broaden my palette and learn as much as possible. I have been dabbling in motion design recently and that's definitely an area I would like to explore more."

Image: X-Ray Vision

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MH: Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

DS: "It’s mainly focused around CG typography and illustration; most of the time starting with a flat vector or Photoshop sketch, before being taken into Cinema 4D or Zbrush for modeling and lighting, then back into Photoshop for any composting or retouching."

Image: Part of Dusk Studio's logo proposals for the final of the Redbull BC One competition.

MH: What tools do you use?

DS: "Maxon's Cinema 4D, Pixologic's Zbrush, and Adobe CC Suite would be the main tools, and some dabbling in other 3D and retouching apps."

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Image: From NSFW?, a project that explores censorship of words and hashtags. 

MH: Is there a particular thing you like to draw the most, and why?

DS: "Typography. Type has always been very appealing to me; being able to give words a style and feeling beyond their vocalised meaning is really challenging and enjoyable."

Image: From Stay Young

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MH: What have you been working on recently, and what’s on the horizon for you?

DS: "An interesting recent project was a series of poster designs promoting a charity book called ONE. The book aims to draw comparisons on the similarities of both Islam and Christianity by displaying quotes from each faith's holy book.

"By showing a resemblance between the two, the book hopes to inspire inter-religious dialogue, bringing together two religions to bring peace and harmony to the world."

Image: Tiled and mosaic rendered type designs.

Image: Part of a series of numbers for a recent article on modern day Rock sub-genres. 

Image: Industrial editorial CG type to compliment the attitude this work evokes. 

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