Luke Edward Hall on illustrating for homewares and devices - and creative entrepreneurship

Illustrator and designer Luke Edward Hall discusses his illustrations for Samsung and Burberry, setting up on his own and his love of colour.

More than one in ten British workers have left previous jobs to pursue their aspirations, and this trend is expected to rise. 

Supporting these findings, Samsung marked the launch of their TabPro S with a limited edition, featuring tips and advice for budding entrepreneurs in a bid to celebrate the new wave of professionals turning passions into careers.

London-based illustrator and designer Luke Edward Hall has created the illustrations covering Samsung’s limited edition TabPro S box based on this theme. 

He says Samsung didn’t give him much of a brief, other than linking the design to idea of entrepreneurs.

"I wanted to design people playing an instrument, or cooking, things linking back to people making their passions into work basically."

I sit down with Luke at the Samsung pop-up at Boxpark in Shoreditch to find out how he’s spent the summer and his upcoming projects.

Luke established his own studio last year before completing commercial works and collaborations in the areas of fabrics, ceramics, interior design and illustration for brands such as Burberry and Anthropologie.

The 26-year-old is currently working on the decoration of a Georgian countryside cottage in Kent and a flat in a Victorian townhouse in North London as well as several artwork commissions.

He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 after studying menswear fashion, and went on to work under interior designer Ben Pentreath for two years.

"I think with interior design it helps to find someone you like and go and get some work experience with them.

"When I was [working under Ben], I then started doing my own stuff on the side and I think that's quite important - to basically just work as much as you can and produce and much as you can. 

"And now the reason I can do this mixture of stuff is because when I was working I was doing drawings and putting them up online, I was doing a lot of stuff at once."

Image: Luke's illustration

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His drawings on Instagram is what led him to collaborating with British fashion house Burberry, who commissioned him to illustrate their new women's campaign over the summer.

Luke illustrated moments from the campaign and runway collection to put up in stores worldwide.

"They were really fun to work with…It was quite organic, which was really nice," he says.

Image: Luke's illustrations in a Burberry store

His simple line drawings are inspired by the inter-war period in London, such as the Bloomsbury Group and particular member of the group painter and designer Duncan Grant.

"[The Bloomsbury Group were] a group of artists that lived in London and they had a workshop where they created fabrics, lampshades and everything. They had a house where you could visit. They painted on the walls. I got a lot of inspiration from them."

And colour is a must. Luke's work exudes colour, optimism and vibrancy.

"I just love colour. I always wear very colourful clothes and live in a very colourful house and I never wear black. I don't wear any black clothes."

Image: The interior design of Luke's own sitting room

But although illustration is his foremost passion, he’s currently experimenting with ceramics.

"I’ve been playing around with ceramics quite and a lot and I really like doing that. I work with some potteries and they make me plates, and I hand paint them and they fire them.

"It’s quite nice to apply my work to stuff like that because then you can design something you can use, you don't just put it on the wall. I love making vases. I’m enjoying ceramics."

Image: Alex Eagle and Luke created a range of limited edition hand-painted ceramics

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He’s also enjoying the taste of hard-earned freedom. Despite the difficulty of having to manage the books, he relishes working from home or his studio. 

This summer he's managed to fit in a lot of travel. Arriving back from Italy on Sunday, he was practically glowing as he described his favourite city.

"I love going to Venice and Florence and Rome. The architecture is amazing but I also love going to the riverside and I love the people, the food. I love going for long weekends for rest, recharging and getting inspired," he says.

His next stop is Berlin, and then New York for the launch of a collection of fabrics he’s created for fashion and home ware brand Anthropologie.

Image: Luke's Voluta fabric design based on an original pencil illustration and printed in England onto a soft cotton/linen mix