Marly Gallardo's bright illustrations blend isometric, low-poly and real charm

Recent graduate Marly Gallardo is an up-and-coming illustrator whose work is colourful and rather lovely.

We thought we'd be sick of low-poly and isometric illustrations by now, as they've been big trends for a while – but we're loving Marly Gallardo's simple, colourful illustrations.

There's a playfulness – a real sense of fun – to much of Marly's work, tho she can work with serious subjects too.

Marly was born in Ecuador and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design this year. She's now based in New York.

Image: Digital Detox, an illustration based around a couple attempting to take a holiday from their mobile phones and social media.

Image: America, an illustration depicting the contribution immigrant workers have made to the American economy.

Image: Ursus Americanus – a black bear with poor taste in shirts.

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Writing about her Animalia 2.0 project, Marly says "As a response to the digital age and advancements in computer microminiaturisation, animals are adapting to the dimensional constraints required of them to be uploaded into the digital world."

A flamingo from Animalia 2.0.

Marly has recently been exploring creating animated GIFs.

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