Patrick George’s first solo exhibition reminds us why wildlife matters

The gorgeous exhibition also features the exciting upcoming illustrator’s stylish commercial work.

It’s a complex issue: the scale of animal cruelty is shocking, yet full of blurred lines such as fox hunting, and most people agree animal conversation is crucial, but it remains a tough battle and inconsitent with our lifestyles.

In Patrick George’s simple yet powerful illustrations, the urgency of animal suffering becomes blindingly obvious.

Falmouth School of Art graduate Patrick’s exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery, you can kill two birds with one stone- well, er, damage two clay pigeons anyway - by not only enjoying eye-popping, gorgeous, concept-driven art, but learning about animal cruelty and conservation.

Here, we’ve collected our favourite of Patrick’s first exhibition from this simultaneously cute and sad panda illustration (shown) to an orca shrunk of its majesty. Find out more about the exhibition.

The exhibition runs 27 June -  9 July The Coningsby Gallery, London.

Animal welfare is a pet interest for Patrick. In the range of children’s books he’s created and published, Animal Rescue is leader of the pack.

The child gets to rescue animals by turning the transparent page, whether it’s a baby elephant rescued from the circus and returned to its mother in the wild or a tiger rug brought back to life and seen leaping from a tree. All profits go to the Born Free Foundation.

Check out the book on Amazon.

To support 2016 WildAid campaign, Patrick celebrated the first ever ‘Year of the Elephant’ to help stop the ivory trade and give elephants a real chance to recover from poaching and avoid extinction (shown).

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“In the same way that animals and faces start appearing out of cloud formations if you stare at them long enough, I enjoy doodling over a brief until an unexpected solution presents itself,” says Patrick.

“Different elements can combine to give greater impact, or create a narrative," continues Patrick. "I enjoy the variety that being a freelance illustrator offers - from infographics turned around within the hour, to working as a team member with advertising agencies on global campaigns.”

Spot the seal. 

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The exhibiton also includes Patrick’s commercial work for clients including Global Blue, GQ, Hilton Hotels, LLoyd’s of London, Microsoft, Sunday Times and Washington Post. Check some of it out on Patrick's website.

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