These brilliant posters celebrate today's Back To The Future Day

30 limited-edited prints have been created for the day Marty and Doc arrive (October 21 2015).

Back To The Future Day is really almost upon us – and the New Rule Collective has put together an exhibition of prints to celebrate.

On October 21 2015, two time travellers from the 80s arrive at a bright and shiny future to find a world of tablets, Skype, gesture-based gaming, hoverboards and flying cars - a world not that different from our own (except for the flying cars, and the fashions, and the hoverboards, which are only semi-real).

That's the date that Marty McFly and Emmet 'Doc' Brown arrive at in Back To The Future II - ignore Internet hoaxes that tried to make it earlier - and now you can get your hands on prints and book to celebrate this momentous occasion.

New Rule Collective has brought together 30 illustrators and artists to create limited-edition prints based around the Back To The Future II movies, much as they did for everyone's favourite kitsch 70s NYC gang movie, The Warriors. The artworks will be on show at a gallery in east London around 'Back To The Future Day', and will also be collected into a book.

To fund the exhibition, New Rule has launched a Kickstarter with rewards ranging from an invite to the private view to a selection of prints

1.21 GigaWatts is at the The Print Space Gallery on Kingsland Road from tomorrow (October 21) for a week. Also on show will be BTTF-themed sculptures and installations from the artists.

I caught up with New Rule's Michael Crozier to find out more about the project.

Neil Bennett: What have you been up to since your The Warriors exhibition?

Michael Crozier: "Off the back of the success of the Warriors show, we put together another book and exhibition last year over Halloween, called The Horror Show. We decided to reach outside of the UK with that project, so we invited 32 artists from around the world to each illustrate a poster based on a classic or B-movie horror film of our choice. The show included films like Toxic Avenger, The Fly and Mars Attacks. We opened the show on Halloween night and had hordes of people turn up in fancy dress, it was great!

"We then took a small hiatus while we traveled through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka for a few months - but now we're back with a vengeance!"

Image by Tom Mac

NB: Why do we all still love Back To The Future?

MC: "I think Back To The Future is one of those seminal films that most people saw when they were young, and its stuck with them throughout their lives. The ideas and inventions in the story are the kinds of exciting and far fetched dreams that people wish existed: the ability to travel through time to see your children or long lost relatives, flying cars and hoverboards, and a slightly mad scientist friend who can invent his way out of any sticky situation. It's the ultimate feel-good adventure."

Image by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

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NB: How did you get everyone involved in the exhibition?

MC: "We always try to find and follow new artists work on various social media platforms, and by going to exhibitions and shows. Once we had decided on the concept for the project, we sent out invitations to a group of people that we feel would fit the theme well. We always try to get a spectrum of styles included, to give a varied and exciting body of work.

"It didn't take too much convincing for people to take part in this show as everyone loves the trilogy."

Image by Velvet Spectrum

NB: Did you limited participants to the second movie, or could they choose from any of the trilogy?

MC: "Originally we were going to only go with [Back To The Future II], but we felt that restricted too many great references and plot twists from the other two movies - so we opened it up to all three. They are all so intertwined with each other that it almost wouldn't make sense to limit it to just one."

Image by Pippa Toole

NB: Were you worried you'd only get pictures of the DeLorean submitted?

MC: "We did of course have a few fears that we'd only get DeLorean designs back from the artists, but if that had been the case we would have loved it just as much. It still would have been a great show, given the artists involved.

"Luckily though, without too much encouragement from us, many of the artists chose more subtle and quirky sources of inspiration for their work. Some of them are super obscure, which is great."

Image by Robin Boyden

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NB: If you had a time-travelling DeLorean, where in the past or future would you go?

MC: "First stop would have to be back to 1985, to Universal Studios California and turn up on the set of the first film - [to] scare the pants off Robert Zemeckis and cast. I think it would be rude not to."

Images by Liane Plant and Marie Bergeron

Images by Kingsley Nebechi and Mr Lister