Saddo's beautiful wallpaper patterns are packed with nature's wonders

These detailed patterns are bursting with colour and life.

Imagine wallpaper - perhaps you see beautiful, painted patterns of vibrant plant life, bright tigers wrestling exotic snakes, and possibly even colourful birds, their wings spread mid-flight?

Or maybe you picture drab dullness and fading flowers. Yeah, me too.

Thankfully, Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Raul Oprea - aka Saddo - can make a dingy living room feel exotic with his colourful wallpaper designs, which were created using acrylic paint and Photoshop. 

From juicy fruit to brightly decorated elephants, these gorgeous patterns have that handcrafted feel that makes a home that little bit more homely - and undoubtedly more eye-catching.

In fact, they so beautifully capture a sense of adventure, they could inspire you to get off the sofa, leave the gorgeous designs at home and jet off to find the real thing.

“I’ve always wanted to create a series of pattern designs,” he told us. “They're not for a specific client or project, but they were created, having in mind that they could be easily applied in various ways, from wrapping paper, to wallpaper design, packaging and posters.”

Saddo began his career not in a beautifully wallpapered house, but on the streets as part of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground. 

Though Saddo also took a more traditional route into the design world – studying at the University of Arts in Bucharest– he “didn’t really learn much there,” as he said to the German Knotenpunkt Festival.

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It was on a trip to the US that he discovered the world of graffiti and immersed himself in it, relighting an excitement for art in himself that he believes he “kinda lost during my six years in University.”

In fact, in his experimentation with street art, he tried to forget what he learnt at University, concentrating instead on developing a basic style – such as street “tags and stickers, to more complex stencil work, hand drawn paste-ups and finally murals.”

Much of Saddo’s work is inspired by his travel: as well as living all over Romania, he spent a year in Berlin and a year in Lisbon. 

Though the nature-inspired collection is a personal one, the patterns are for sale to clients or agencies for various projects.

Check out more of Saddo’s work – which is incredibly wide-ranging, from sci-fi to religion.

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