Scandinavia’s largest ever street art festival is even better than it sounds

Artscape will host over 20 international and Swedish artists.

Flatly coloured building after flatly coloured building get dull in even the most beautiful of cities. Sweden’s Gothenburg, undoubtedly in that category, is soon to burst with even more eye-popping beauty.

Artscape – “the world’s most immersive street art festival” - promises to involve every Gothenburg borough and be sizzling with creating, workshops and talks. Over 20 international and Swedish artists will be let loose on every district of the city, to create massive works in Scandinavia’s* largest ever street art festival. 

*If you’re not entirely sure what Scandinavia actually includes (like me), here’s a cheat sheet.

Artscape runs 25 July – 21 August.

Image: Plant built during Artscape 2014, Malmo. 'Metamorphosis' of Above (USA)

Street art, a medium that can so often be greeted with disgust, is spraying its charm across Scandanvia. Artscape 2014 took place in Malmö, Sweden, to great success (see a cool Google virtual tour), but there have been none since: Gothenburg has been mulling over its turn for two years. So, we expect great things.

Image: Street artists AnimalitoLand (Argentina), built in Buenos Aires

Who knows how the streets will be painted? Judging by the artists’ past work – which we’ve collected here – it could from crazy worlds popping in pink and purple to highly detailed, evocative portraits. Whatever’s on offer, we know it’ll be vibrant, varied and beautiful.

Image: Work by street artist Julia Volchkova, built in Malaysia

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Image: Work by street artist Animalito (Argentina), built in Buenos Aires in 2014

Image: Work by street artist Ligisd (Sweden)

Image: Work by street artist Ajja (Sweden), built in Barcelona

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Image: Work by street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo, built in Tehran (2011)

Image: Work by street artist Ana María (Puerto Rico)

Image: Work by street artist Elina Metso, built in Borrby

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Image: David Bowie tribute by street artist Disk, built in Stockholm in 2016.

Image: Plant built during Artscape 2014, Malmö, 'The Magic Book' by Natalia Rak (Poland)

Image: Plant built during Artscape 2014 in Malmo, artist Ola Kalnins from Malmö, Sweden. Photographer: Futuro Berg

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Image: Work by street artist Eine (UK), created in Berlin in 2014

Image: Works of yarn bombing artist Magda Sayeg (USA)

Image: Work by street artist Yash (Sweden)

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Image: Work by street artist Ollio (Sweden)