Scratch n sniff illustrations of famous movie food moments

These artworks for Belly Kid's new scratch-and-sniff book features edible moments from the likes of Annie Hall, Stand By Me and the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Belly Kids – the weird, undeniably fun lot behind Billy Murray’s colouring book Thrill Murray – has created a full colour, A4 book of 11 movie-based illustrations. Nothing new. Unless, that is, you give the artworks a sniff. 

With the scratch-and-sniff book Palatable Pictures, Belly Kids has created the aroma of food-related scenes. 

Chomp pizza with McCauley in Home Alone or slurp some monkey brains from Indiana Jones. No, we don’t want to find out how they captured pong of our evolutionary cousins’ organs either. 

Thankfully, Palatable Pictures’ illustrations themselves are undeniably tasteful, from artists including Michael Driver, Ding Ding Hu and Henry Kaye.

Order a copy here.

Image: Annie Hall by Henry Kaye 

Belly Kids hasn’t let slip what all the smells are. Here’s hoping there’s no scenes stinkier than what is commonly called the 'barfing scene' in Stand by Me. Yummy. 

Image: Stand by Me by Ding Ding Hu

Image: Grand Budapest Hotel by Ard Illustration 

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Image: Napoleon Dynamite by Michael Driver 

Image: Pulp Fiction by Josh McKenna 

Image: Palatable Pictures’ cover by Dominic Kesterton 

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