Taxi Studio give Carlsberg Export a striking new look for UEFA Euro 2016

Taxi Studio co-founder Spencer Buck tells us how the creative agency plans to turn heads with its latest Carlsberg design.

For a drink that gets you dancing, giggling and madly flopping around in general, beer packaging design can be a bit dull. Thankfully, Taxi Studio have given Carlsberg Export a striking new look to celebrate UEFA Euro 2016 in France.

Taxi Studio’s main aim was to keep with the Carlsberg look and feel, but make the drink look as bold and attention-grabbing as possible. And to impress the design world at the same time it seems (we certainly just can't stop looking). 

We caught up with Spencer Buck, co-founder of Taxi Studio, to tell us a bit more about the design process.

Most promotional football design is "overt - with balls, goals and celebrating players," says Spencer. Taxi Studio beat their competition with a subtle design that avoided tired clichés, whilst making both football and France look delicious.

If you can't see the French touch, don't get your eyes checked. The next slide should help. 

Leering at studs for far too long – as you do when designing around football – makes you see odd, yet very inspiring things.

Taxi Studio noticed the negative space created a shape rather like the Arc De Triomphe. And could that shadow be the Eiffel Tower?

"We wanted to hide away French references without being too obvious," said Spencer. Once they saw the famous Parisian landmarks in the studs, they "loved the idea from the outset."

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Taxi Studio are already familiar with the Carlsberg brand, after rejuvenating their image last year and decided to make the Carlsberg hop leaf a central player. 

An early proposal was that a pair of boots hanging from a hop leaf in a beerier version of a locker room. Though this design allowed for more promotional material - such as physical models of the hanging boot - it was rejected for a simpler alternative. 

Another possible promotional add-on was the production of actual Carlsberg boots, but unfortunately this proved too expensive. 

"We love to extend designs beyond packaging," said Spencer. "It really proves an idea." 

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