Taxi Studio keeps Polo’s branding in mint condition

Polo’s packaging and logo was freshened up with “modern classic” in mind.

Keeping Polo fresh is tougher than it sounds. Polo’s holey shape stands out from the average mint, but its packaging was desperate a clean, simple refresh to keep up with both the times and the eye-catching look of the one-hole wonder it contains. 

Bristol-based design studio Taxi Studio were drafted in to modernise Polo into a brand that will draw all eyes – the new, young and unacquainted, to older, more experience Polo lovers. With successful work for previous clients including Carlsberg, NESTEA and Clarks, there aren’t many better to entrust your brand with.

And the result is simpler, quieter and more consistent across products. It has the maturity of a brand comfortable in its skin, which no longer needs to scream and shout its way into customers’ minds. And we do think this new skin by Taxi Studio is a much more comfortable fit for the cool, calm flavour of Polos.

“Creating an all-white brandmark visually simplified the design to give greater stand out while keeping the iconic mint at the heart of the brand,” said Jonathan Turner-Rogers, Associate Creative Director at Taxi Studio. “The strong yet simple architecture enables the POLO brand to remain consistent regardless of flavour variant to create an impactful brand blocking effect.”

Out with tacky, loud and varying colours (I’m looking at you, fruits) of the old branding and the 3D, shadowy look of the previous sweet icons. All the letters are now white – and green is instead shifter to a crisper, neater place in the sweet icons’ shadows.

Image: old branding

“We’re delighted with the sleek, new designs from Taxi Studio,” said Laura Steer, Brand Manager for Polo. “Effortlessly stylish in a way that captures the heart and heritage of our brand, we’re certain that our new look will engage consumers in 2016 and reinforce the POLO’s brand status as a true modern classic.”

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The new designs will be available across stores this month.

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