These bold illustrations by Thomas Hedger are simple, beautiful and fun

He only graduated this year, but Thomas Hedger is already creating incredible illustrations for newspapers and magazines.

We first wrote about Thomas Hedger - illustrator, artist and connoisseur of tricky-to-achieve simplicity - back in April. But he's updated his Behance and so given us a handy excuse to celebrate his work and enjoy what he’s been up to over the summer of 2016.

Thomas’ work is consistently intriguing. He's best known for his go-to, tried-and-tested toolkit of distinct, bold lines and vibrant, block colour, he produces work of stunning scope – cheeky and serious, sad and funny, socially aware and irreverent. What really stands out is the consideration he clearly puts into whittling down complex ideas into only a few simple, bold components - such as in this personal project about an unlikely subject for illustration, petrol stations.

In his editorial work though, he's using more complexity and abstract shapes, such as in this illustration for The Telegraph's property section.

Despite the use of non-realistic forms, there's still a visual clarity to Thomas' work that makes it incredibly appealing.

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All of this gorgeous work is churned out from his appropriately hip Thames-moored house boat, where he stretches his time between posting a daily piece to his Instagram, assembling illustrations for big-name newspapers and more particular publications like Fount, as well as keeping up with minor side projects – you know, easy stuff like producing a book, and creating for the maverick Outcrowd Collective. Presumably, amongst all of this, he manages to sleep and eat too.

Here, we've collected our favourites of his year so far - include this example the cheeky side I was talking about, literally so. 

Image: Monikers 

Find out more about how Thomas created the surreal, broken sensuality of this piece on his Behance

Image: Embrace

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Image: illustration for Guardian US online piece 'Has politically correct culture gone too far?'

Image: poster selected for Graphic design Festival Breda 2015 

On his Behance, Thomas says he created the piece considering "what it means to try, only fail at the last hurdle - a finished piece of artwork, ruined when signing..."

Image: illustration for SSZ Issue 6 around the theme 'I still don't know what I'm doing'. 

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Image: Yogactivities 

Image: activity sheet accompanying yogactivities - designed to promote meditation and yoga

Image: illustration for The Sunday Times Magazine 

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