These environmental illustrations are sad but beautiful

Three powerful, poignant CG visuals have been designed to show the destruction of animals and their habitats.

Thai CGI studio Illusion has designed for cosmetics with plastic packaging, fuel-guzzling travel and globetrotting food - but its latest mission is more on the world-saving side with their striking project Destroying nature is destroying life.

To public raise awareness of the destruction of animals’ habitats, and the resulting ruin of the animals themselves, Illusion have created three powerful CG visuals for the German environmental advocacy group Robin Wood.

Creative agency Grabarz & Partner developed the original concept, the poignancy and boldness of which is unsurprising given the agency’s equally striking work for Volkswagen, Burger King and IKEA. 

In partnership with their agency analog/digital, Illusion illustrated the concept with the attention to detail and finesse crucial to making the animals’ suffering real for its audience, creating an arresting snapshot of three iconic, much-loved animals burning, melting and being gradually chopped away.

Though the subject is grim, Destroying nature is destroying life reminds us of the potential of design to spur change. Whilst, of course, looking good doing it.

Image: Stop forest fires

In December 2015 – the warmest year ever recorded - air temperatures at the North Pole rose above freezing in mid-winter for only the second time on record.

It seems a lot easier to care about the destruction of an individual animal than anonymous landscapes we never visit – which is why this series of work is so clever. We love the detail of the fur, really giving a feeling of movement and life. 

Image: Stop melting ice caps

According to the WWF, 46-58 thousands square miles of forest are lost each year - that’s 48 football fields.

Image: Stop deforestation

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Image: close-ups

Image: clay models

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