These fun, dancing animations will get you pumped up

Illustrator Fabrice Le Nezet's has created beautifully animated dancing alphabet in his short film 'Pump'.

“For a while, I have been sketching those little geometric figures, inspired by primitive alphabets,” said Fabrice. “When I started to build those shapes in volume, I realised they could work well as some sorts of plastic toys. I then started to think of them as moving shapes, as if they were all characters with their own dancing style."

Image: Sketches for Pump

Fabrice’s monochromatic Monolith illustrations (shown) are inspired by architecture and kids’ playgrounds. Though they have an undeniably darker feel than Pump, they recognisably belong to Fabrice, with their clean shapes and 3D composition.

Fabrice is also a sculptor, which you might expect as he has reflected the physical limitations of materials like concrete and metal in his work - though illustration allows him to have some fun with floating materials too. 

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You can also buy prints of Fabrice’s work online – including the Monolith series and these Spring/Summer 2012 illustrations (shown), which are colourful prints where tiny 3D figures get fit with aerobic exercises rather than dance.