These Mesmerising Illustrations Will Take You to Another, Better Place

Aykut Aydogdu’s striking illustrations are just lovely.

Real life gets a bit hard sometimes. Where better to transport yourself than the strange, still world of Turkish illustrator Aykut Aydogdu’s Photoshop creations? 

Aykut’s gorgeous illustrations may be bizarre, but they’re also beautiful. We love the inviting softness and wornness of the hand-painted look, lending it an almost old-fashioned feel. 

The illustrations just wouldn’t have the same strange, dreamy appeal without the otherworldly mishmash of strange things: a girl with a hard stare, ageing flowery wallpaper and, inexplicably, a building protruding from her head (shown). 

Here, we’ve put together Aykut’s whole series, Dreamer. We hope you enjoy the strange feeling of being simultaneously calmed and freaked out by an illustration.

This sad, artificial-looking unicorn needs a hug in this strange mix of mythical beauty and sadness.

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