These Neon Demon Illustrations are Both Seductive and Pretty Scary

Illustrator Lola Beltran beautifully captures Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Richard Linklater and Jeff Goldblum -Neon Demon style.

You would have thought movie magazine Little White Lies has given us enough Neon Demon goodness to be going on with, with Boris Pelcer’s surreal, strange portraits. But, fine, we guess we can take another dose of gorgeous art.  

Spanish artist Lola Beltran’s illustrations gives the classic poster style a bold, Neon Demon­-esque twist, surrounding the characters with neon lights and director Nicolas Winding-Refyn’s favourite, the enigmatic triangle. The result is just like the film itself: beautiful, heavily stylised, with a surreal edge.

The portraits include an expertly captured Natalie Portman (shown), as well as Christian Bale, Richard Linklater and Jeff Goldblum. Though the actors aren’t in the film, they are interviewed in the magazine; drawn by Lola in the macabre Neon Demon style, I can’t help feel a little nervous for them. 

Read on for more of Lola’s amazing Neon Demon works, brimming with wonderful detail 

Image: Natalie Portman

The illustrations were art directed by Timba Smits and Laurene Boglio.

Image: Christian Bale

Image: Richard Linklater

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Image: Jeff Goldblum

Shown are spot illustrations for different areas of the magazine.